Sunday, March 17, 2013 Is Real With Anti Spam Policy

    Is Real With AntiSpam Policy
              Here the real facts about this site. Ladies want
          to find a loving man,to have a family.They are very
          beautiful,and ladies in there twenties will marry a 
          man in his fifties,if he is very loving to her.The true
          facts are this.In the beginning you are given 20,000
          free credits,to find different ladies,who you might,
          find attractive,and here to find a mate.They do not
          want men toying with their feelings.They want real
          honest loyal men,not boys.It is up to each lady to 
          decide if they do want a older man.So if you share a
          profile,and you say you are kind,loyal,sincere,a good
          man who,wants a loving girl for the intenions of being 
          marriage,then you can have teen girls,changing their
          mind about a possible courtship with marriage,if you
          will be loving to them. 
              Now the Anti Spam Policy covers this.If a woman,
          ask you for money,and or expensive gifts,then this 
          woman will be barred from using this site forever.Any
          credits,that were deducted for email,chatting with or 
          anything cost with a woman do this,any credits will be
          reimburse to you. They recommend using their tours.
          But for me I would  just like to be with one lady, not
          tens of thousands.
              The credit system is set up with the most $399.00 
          for 1000 credits.They are used for everything on the
          site.It helps pay for the translators for your ladies in 
          English.For reading emails, calling her,or her calling 
          you,through a translator,so both you will know what 
          the other is thinking.It is also for sending emails,for 
          gifts, like flowers, the cute vertual  gifts,chocolates,
          fruit baskets,wine, with your flowers,chocolates, and
          fruit in your basket.They are so understanding about
          your lady,that you can send her flowers,and you can
          see the expression on cams.There is also,Cam chat,
          where the lady will chat with you and see her cam 
          video,but she can not see you.So the credit system
          takes care of everything,including,verifying the lady is
          signed up to the site.This is for signed up members 
          only,that have to be at least eighteen years old.The
          teen girls,and all the woman,want a  find man,to be
          their husband.
              Sorry guys if you are a smoker,or drink a lot of booze,
          alcohol,then this site is not for you.The men in the areas
           of Ukraine,Russia,Moldavia,all have a love affair with 
           Vodkeh and cigarettes.Many guys willstink because they
           smoke,and do not take showers.Now try to picture a hot
           day,you smoked,and you do not take shower,your stink is
           thousands times greater in the house.You want to vomit,
          because their smell is so over powering. 
              They do not believe that marriage is real sacred union,
          two have her as your wife as a long life commitment.If they
          get tired of a wife,they just get another girl. A man after a 
          few years, oss her aside even if she is in her twenties.Most
          of the teen girls or twenties are in college,or older,or they,
          have already have a college degree.
               Men you might ask,I like beautiful woman,could give idea
          of what type pretty woman are here?Yes,I be glad to answer. 
          Did you know in the Ukraine there is a beautiful woman,who 
          looks like Mattel's Barbie Doll.She has these real looks.How
          many of you seen old Victorian porcelin dolls.There is a young
          lady who looks like a porcelin doll.Her hair is draped over her
          shoulder.There are fashion models,some held titles in pageants.
          there blonds,brunettes,redheads,with figures that will not quit.
          They love to wear pretty clothes,some have swim suits pictures.
          They have long hair,short,curly,extra curly,super long hair and
          more.There woman who have inflatables in their pictures,but is
          very few.There girls with children,or not.some are lawyers,doc-
          economists,directors,actors,some even in more to filming.I chat-
          ted with many of the ladies.They are so beautiful,and they know
          I am not a player.So you too must not be a player.The most very
          important thing is you have a good personality,that will not be 
          cruel,violent,and are truly caring with them.Some of these pretty
          ladies have been hurt.They do not want players.If you are chances,
          you will not find a lady of this site.These ladies want you to be loyal
          and loving to them, and any chidren you have after you are married.
          Yes being called a wife,means a lot as if they won Miss Universe.
          So here is what you  will get in return from them.You have a very
          pretty wife,that you want to carry a camara just to take her pictures.
          When you have your honeymoon,expect a super romantic time,as 
          their husband.They will be loyal to you and have you take in their 
          owns,hug and kiss them.They will love you,if you show a personal
          interest,in everything they do.My what a time to clean together,so
          you are closer.Tell you love her daily, it will make her beem with 
          excitement.They might wear a super fashion gown,swim suit,lace,
          leather,vinyl clothing,for just being so loving to them.Since they
          were ten their mothers taught them everything they knew,so they
          could be good wives.They want to part of your inner world.They 
          want to know your hobbies,and be there with you.Say you like car
          shows,your beautiful wife,and all your children will go to the car 
          shows and have alot of fun.They love to swim.Many young ladies,
          are such great swimmers,thatthey swim in the ocean The Black Sea,
          where Odessa Beach in the Ukaine.If you can afford it,take your
          family on vacations,to different countries.This on the top on list most
          ladies here.Just be yourself,just be kind to them,and they will reward
          with their beauty,in fashion,personality,in hugs,kisses,sports,children,
          your intererests and hers,and family.
               What is recommended before I go on my first date.You are to send
         five emails,and she is to send five emails before you set your first date.
         Each ladies profile has a Date Them icon.Use this for both your safety.
         always use everything,all their provisions.You can
         always ask questions,that they will answer in twenty-four hours.You can
         also call them.I recommend update your profile,if new things are to be 
         added.What I want to adopt children,will this affect my chanes with the
         ladies?The answer is no,you should even get more responses since,they
         know you must want children.If you have a special girl in mind,that you
         are crazy in love with her.Told her why this child,means so much to you,
         she might,just thought it just being you too,but after she knows how very
         important to you,she will have to make you, your now.After all you still
         marry her after you court her.You still have you honeymoon,it just means,
         you have one extra room for the adopted child.And since it takes both a
         mother to adopt,you already gearing her up to be a good mother,for your
         children.This adopted child,will be like your own,and will welcome his
         brothers,and sisters in to the family.I suggest you check the site for all
         the ways they can help you.You take one beauty who is lonely and give
         a gift,worth more then all others,to be a wife of a loving caring husband.
               Read her letters she writes to you.They will be sent both your own
         email address,and in your inbox on the site.The letter is made out to
         you,either your real name,or your user name.It is apart of her.Then
         check out her profile with her pictures.How to find how woman looks,
         click on her picture,it will open her pictures,and save it to folder,you
         can also put in favorites so when you click print profile,it shows bigger
         pictures.Check to make sure she gave you a free big photo.These do
         not have the sites name,however,they still copywrited since they are 
         on the site.They gave them to you ,for you only,don't betray their
         trust or you lose them.

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