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The Orphan Peter Who Meets MissTessa From Odessa Who Helps Find Her SweetHeart

            The Orphan Boy Peter Who Meets  Miss Tessa From 
                 Odessa Who Helps Her Find Her Sweetheart
                   In our last story we learned all the special training
             Miss Tessa,went through from her mama,and papa,in
             Odessa,and how Charles left her,after his job had went 
             sour,and drank Vadkeh to drown his sorrows,and also
             after meeting a woman in her twenties,had divorced the
             beautiful  wife  he married,of eight years.This was at 31
             years of age,Tessa no loner had a huband.Earlier that 
             year he hit his wife Tessa.She called her parents,and 
             moved back in with her parents to comfort their pretty
                 After Miss Tessa is comforted by chirping birds,
             just before her first day of school she had noticed a lost
             little young boy.While on her blanket of roses,orchids,
             butterflies,and birds,just before school,this same boy
             approaches her for help."I am lost,I am a new school,
             and I do not know where my home room is?" "Will
             you please,help me?" " Do you have a slip for your
             school teacher?" "Yes,I do." "I see you have me."
                 The young orphan boy was over joyed."Hi,I am 
             so glad you are my teacher." " I am Peter,I lossed my
             parents in a car crash,and I am a orphan" "Hi,I am
             Miss Tessa,and I am sorry you lost your parents."  
             "Peter,would you like to be my friend?" "I am new 
             here too." I  taught temporaily at other schols,since I 
             got out of college,when I was 22 years old.However,I
             needed a new place to teached,since,I had some 
             problems,I had to handle,In my life.So I searched out
             this beautiful school,to teach young boys and girls."
             "Peter,let me hold your hand,as we go to our class."
             "Miss Tessa,I am glad you are my teacher.You were 
             so kind,and caring to me." "I too,am glad Peter."
                 Peter told how, he met Miss Tessa,who was very
            pretty,kind,and helped me to my school room."I was
            allowed on this pretty blanket grandpa,and grandma,and
            sit down and eat lunch.It was made by her mother,and 
            her,had all homemade stiching,with roses,orchids,butter-
            flies,and birds on the green grass."Could I help out my           .
            teacher,Miss Tessa after school,".She is very nice to be
            around,grandpa,and grandma." "Yes Peter,she sounds
            like a nice lady." "Thank you mama,and papa."  "We will
            write a note for you Peter,so you can give it to your nice
            teacher"."Thank you."
                Peter found help to cope being a orphan by not overly
            focusing on his own problems,but by doing anything for
            Miss Tessa.Since he gave the note of permission to stay
            after school,from his grandparents,he could clean the dirty
            black boards after school for Miss Tessa.He vowed in his
            heart,that he would always do what Miss Tessa had said.
            He wanted to get good grades,so he worked hard on his
            math,spelling,Russian,and asked Miss Tessa,if she needed
            help.Miss Tessa,was there for all her students.
            But Peter,was the child,Miss Tessa fell in love with,and had
            invited him out  to recess,as he was still in the room.Peter 
            noticed,Miss Tessa,now had a sad look on her face.So
            brave Peter,asked: "Miss Tessa,why are you sad?" "She told
            Peter, my husband left me after eight years of marriage,at the 
            age of 31 years old." " I am sorry,Miss Tessa,I wish I could 
            help you,Miss Tessa." Peter,you are doing that right now."
            "I am proud of you Peter." "Miss Tessa,I been doing my 
            homework,like you wanted me to do,but will you help me 
            make better grades.? " Peter,I am a teacher,and a good 
            friend." " I be glad to help you improve your grades." "Oh,
            Miss Tessa,I going to bring a beautiful apple for you 
            tommorow."  "Peter,I will look for this special apple." "How
            would like to meet my parents on Saturday,with your grand- 
            parents?" " Remember,I must,get a note from your grand-
            parents,but I want them,there too.We are going to eat,sing,
            and dance.You will see my family play musical instruments.
            But,Peter,I can play many music instruments,and I will teach
            you too.Now it will take time,but it is worth it.
            Besides,I going to teach you to dance with your pretty friend,
            and pretty teacher." "Thank you for this special time."I see
            class is ready to start.Peter,will you join me on my pretty
            blanket,at lunch time? "Yes Miss Tessa."  
               Peter was ready,to meet Miss Tessa,on her pretty blanket 
            of roses,orchids,butterflies,and birds.He had a confession,he
            had to express to:Miss Tessa,"I wish you were my mama."
            "You helped the first day of school to my home room,when I
            told you,that I am a orphan,you did not laugh at me,or be 
            mean to me.You were very caring,and kind to me." "You are
            ,also very pretty teacher,who loves animals,art,music,and 
            more." "You make learning fun." I love you Miss Tessa."
            " Peter,you been so thoughtful,and kind to me." "Thank you
            Peter,you got a heart of gold." "Oh Miss Tessa,you are 
            crying." "I am happy Peter." "Oh,Miss Tessa,is it true,you
            also love cars?" "It is true Peter.I build hot rod models,and
            drive a nice car,that my parents,help me buy." "Can I draw
            you a hot rod?" You draw cars too?" " Yes " I do,also 
            Peter." "Yes,Peter,I sketch many things." "You will see my
            art,this Saturday." "I am looking foraward to it." "Peter,did
            you finish cleaning those black boards?" "Yes,Miss Tessa."
            " Yes,I am all Done." " Would you like a ride home?" "Yes,
            Miss Tessa." " Thank you for helping me Peter." "You are
            welcome, Miss Tessa." "Peter,I just had pictures made of 
            me,as a gift from my parents." "If your grandparents do not
            mind,I will get one,for your very own." "Is  this your car?"
            "It is pretty,it is safe car,called a Volvo wagon.It has these
            nice leather grey seats,and modular low profile tires,to keep
            the car on the road.It is nice,and has alot of room,for my 
            teaching supplies,art,music,and passengers." "I see,this is
            your house,it is nice." " Will you come and meet my grand-
            parents?" "Yes Peter."  " Hi,I am glad to meet you." "Come
            in please."  " I am Miss Tessa," "Yes,Peter can not stop
            talking about you." "We are happy to meet you." "Peter told
            us,how you helped him, to his home room,and been so kind,
            and also generous with him." "Yes that is true." "You are
            always welcome here." "You done wonders to Peter." "We
            never have to tell him to do his home work,or chores." "I just
            had photos of myself all dress up,a gift from my parents."
            "Would you mind if I give a photo to Peter?" "No,we do not
            mind,Peter thinks the world of you?" "An so do we,your so
            kind to us,sweet,and hospitable to our family." "Thank you."
            " I am having a potluck dinner,next Saturday,and I, would
            like if both you two,and Peter can come." "Yes,we will 
            come." If you like,I can pick you all up,and then drive you
            home." "We would like that very much." "We will also,have
            singing,and dancing." "I would love to teach Peter,to dance
            with me,and to play musical instruments." "Yes,that will be
            find." "Miss Tessa,both my grandparents and I enjoyed the
            the time with you." "Thank you Peter." " I enjoyed myself
            with your family." " Thank you for meeting you .I have to go
            home,and grade assignments,and get ready for tomorrow."
               He told his grandparents,that her husband hurt her,and left
            her this year.I notice at recess,while I was talking in the class
            room,that she was sad.So I ask her and she told me this."
            ".I want to open my piggy bank,and pay for ad to find a good
            man from the United States,who is kind and caring to her.A
            man who.wanted her for a life long marriage, as you treat my
            grandma."  "Peter, that is a noble thing you are doing,but 
            should not you asked your teacher first?" " I will ask her."
            "Does this mean a lot to you Peter?" "Yes,it means everything 
            to me." " You did not see her cry.I did." " If she said this is
            alright,then fine,and I will allow it." "Thank you,grandma,and
            grandpa." "You are welcome Peter."
               Miss Tessa was very stunning.She had dusty brown for her
            eyebrows,that went perfect with her porcelain skin,emerald
            eyes,highlighted,in dark black,all around the eyes,as mama had
            taught her,too make her emerald eyes stand out even more.She
            also wore,striking,smoky grey on her eyelids,that worked her. 
            She looked so pretty, in her soft pink lipstick,that went perfectly, 
            with her skin tones.Rouge on her cheeks,to bring out some color,
            but not overly done.She had beautiful light golden hair,and was 
            5'7'.She had a size 3 figure,in striking pink silk with pink rhine-
            stones in a long gown,with matching silk pumps.Her purse was
            pearl pink.Tessa also had a natural figure like mama.She was
            big busted like mama.She remembered what mama said about
            feeling comfortable,with the body you have.It was so extremely  
            important,being a elementary teacher.that she always, well dress
            in modestly.Tessa could continue getting respect  from the faculty,
            parents,and guardians in the household,while she was teaching.Her
            pictures,were a gift from her parents.She even had pretty pink silk 
            stockings,with butterflies.She just loved butterflies.She was driving
            while in this gorgeous gown,with her parents with her in the car.
            She was stunningly gorgeous to look at,in public..People would 
            wave and smile,as they seen her driving,with her parents They had
            arrived home,and her parent said she was beautiful. princess.She 
            cried, for giving her the gift of these pictures,but  also,the time they
            had together,and being there for her,when she needed her parents 
            the most.
                She was thinking,Peter would loved these pictures of me,and was 
            happy,and noticed,that her sleep has been restful,since her parents,
            and Peter,had helped her,through that bad ordeal.In her heart,she 
            wanted to adopt Peter,as her own son,after finding a kind loving 
            caring husband, who loves her being her.
                 Peter,waited until lunch,on Miss Tessa's pretty blanket to ask her,
            about the ad to find a special kind man from the United States,who be
            willing,to live up to her standards,and give her a life time marriage.Peter
            had tears in his eyes,as he was trying to be brave."Miss Tessa,I took 
            out all of my money, in my piggy bank,to write a ad for you.I wanted to 
            find a caring,kind,loving husband,from the United States who will truly
            love you." "I even talked to my grandparents,and they allowed me,to 
            put this up for you,if I get your permission" "Does this mean alot to you
            Peter.?" "It means everything to me Miss Tessa." "I seen you crying." "I
            never,want you to go through that pain again." "Peter if it means that 
            much to you,then this Saturday,you will give the ad you wrote,and I will
            checked thoroughly,before I send it. " "Peter,you forgot to ask for your  
            gift." " You mean your pretty picture,you are to give to me." "Yes Peter."
            "I love you  Miss Tessa,you are so beautiful,kind and caring." "Thank you
            Peter." "I love you to,and I have a confession too." "I want to adopt you,
            after I find a loving man,who will fall in love with me.""He must be willing
            adopt you as our son,or I will find another loving  man." "There only two
            conditions Peter.One I must make sure any man,meet my high standards."
            and two,Peter,you will become my adopted,son,with the condition,he must
            agree to adopt you as our son." "Do we have a deal Peter?" "Yes pretty
            Miss Tessa." "For now Peter,it must be our secret,"."You got it,Miss Tessa.
               It was now Staturday,Tessa was picking up Peter,and his grandparents.
            There many dishes of food,Russian dishes,their special chicken dish,different
            Borscht beet soups,with many vegetables with meat.There also,many different 
            salads.Olivye a salad made cooked chopped potatoes,dill pickles,boiled 
            chopped eggs,cooked chopped ham,peas, mixed with mayonnaise.Vinigret,a
            salad with cooked shredded beets,sauerkraut,cooked chopped potatoes,
            onions,and carrots,this has pickles,sunflower and salt.Pampushki,a dinner roll,
            served,with Borscht,once baked is tossed with mince garlic,fresh herbs,and oil. 
            The meat dishes are;Pechenya,this type is beef, roasted meat.Stuff duck with 
            apples.Ryba, fish fried in egg and flour,cooked in a oven,with mushrooms,
            cheese and lemon,this type is marinaded.Symyky are cottage cheese fritters,this 
            type has raisins,and is serve with cottage cheese and jam.Perohy,small pasties
            with fillings,this is the fruit version,with cherries,also strawberries ones.These are 
            served with sugar,when they are fruit ones.There was also Salo cured fatback.
            There were non alcoholic beverages.Kompot,made from dried fresh fruits,with 
            berries boiled in water.Uzvar,this dessert fruit cooked in sugar syrup,this has ap-
            ples,pears, and prunes.These is also Ryazhanka a  natural yogurt made with 
            baked milk..
                After enjoying the many types of food,there singing,and dancing.Tessa's papa
            was playing the violin with Alexander II.Natalie was watching children.There 
            were many playing musical instuments,so Peter was getting his first dance lesson,
            and was enjoying himself.All Tessa's instuments,were being used to entertain 
                It was at this gathering the music was stopped,for a important announcement.
            "I Alexander,invite you all to come on my fishing ship,in three weeks,to go have
            fun fishing.We will have alot of fun,in the Black Sea,which  is close to our home 
            at Odessa Beach.For  you to come would make a heart rejoice." "Thank you for
            the invitation,we all will be present,for this wonderful event."We will sing when 
            not fishing.Many varieties of food are needed for this event."."We will bring 
            what is needed."
                "Miss Tessa,I have been working on the ad at home,with my Russian diction-,
            ary,to make sure all the words,were spelled correctly.I did spend many hours,to
            finish it." "Now you can  check it carefully,then send your picture,to send off.the 
            ad"."Peter I am impressed,I will go over it,add my picture,and send it,so I can  
            meet a man,from the United States,who will good to me,and  be willing to adopt 
            you as my son." "Peter,I need you to dance with me." "I will show,more steps." 
            "Thank you very much Peter." "Thank you Miss Tessa,I am having a wonderful 
            time." "My grandparents Titus and Aliona,are enjoying the music,and dancing
            together."Now grandpa is singing to grandma." "Grandpa Titus,has always done
            this to my grandma." "Peter, they must love each other very much." "I have news
            for you Miss Tessa." "What Peter?" " My grandparents have accepted you,like a
            daughter." " I am very pleased,Peter" "They are so sweet to me."
                 "Did you like to the story,of my brother Alexander II,taking a cream pie to my 
            face,and I did the same to him?" "That was funny Miss Tessa." "Your brother,and
            and his wife are funny." "Natalie,my dear sister in-law,I see you are preganant." 
            "We are having a beautiful baby girl!" "I am so pleased." "Tessa," "meet,Tessa,your
            niece,Tessa.""My dear sister in-law,I love you very much." "My husband and I,had
            agreed,to name our baby girl after you." "I am so honored." "Thank you sis."
                  "Miss Tessa,thank you for taking my grandpanents,and I to this fun party."
            "I love your parents Tessa." "They are both kind,and hospitable,to all of us." "I also
            love my dancing,music lessons,singing with you."You more than a special teacher,
            friend to me." "You treat me like my mother,right now." "I will never forget how
            caring,kind,and loving to me." "You want to know a secret,I love having picnics,on
            special blanket,with rosees,orchids,butterflies,and birds." "When I look into those
            beautiful green eyes." " I see a beautiful teacher,full of love,kind and caring to me."
            "Thank you Peter." "You are crying," "Here something to wipe your tears." "I need-  
            ed that Peter." "Peter come here." "Wow!" A beautiful kiss from Miss Tessa." " I
            will never forget you Peter,and what you have done for me.!" "Peter,will you dance
            with me?" " Yes Tessa." " You Look so pretty in this long silk red dress." "Thank
            you Peter." "I think you look handsome,in your cornflower blue dress suit,and navy
            suit." "Thank you for letting,know this was formal,so we would not be out of place."
            "Peter,you know me better then that,I never want anyone feel embarrassed." "But
            the fishing trip in three weeks,is casual." " Peter,I already asked your grandparents,               
            and you are welcome, to come with my parents and I, to shop for this fishing trip"
            "What a dream come true,I get to go shopping with Miss Tessa." "Peter do you have
            a crush on me." "Yes,Miss Tessa." " I am sorry." "Peter,you are crying." "Don't get
            upset about it." "I have known along time you had a crush of me." "Peter,I liked the
            attention." "However,I always,have been a very  responsible teacher." " I treat all my
            students with fairness,and understanding." "I know Miss Tessa." "Peter I have a gift
            for you,I hope you like it." "Wow!" This a cool custom car double kit,and drawing
            paper to draw cars." "Thank you so much.!" "You are so very welcome Peter." "Now
            Peter,you will have to learn to airbrush your models." " We are going to get all the 
            needed,including a resperator,you wear,over your nose and mounth.It keeps the paint
            from getting in your lungs.I also have a hobby,painting booth across from our house
            for painting.The fans,blow the fumes outside.I want you to learn so you can build more
            models for me.""Also,If you know how to airbrush,now at ten,you will be able to paint
            custom cars,in a body shop." "There is good money in this,in the United States." "Then
            you can build me a custom car,I will always treasured,and use. "Thank you,so much
            Tessa,for these gifts,inviting to this fun party,the dancing,singing,and music." "Also,for
            the kisses,and the training in airbrushing." " I will do anything for you Miss Tessa." 
                  Thank you mama,papa,brother,my beautiful sister in-law,family and friends." " I
            love you all." "Oh it is getting late,I must take home the grandparents,of Peter,and also
            Peter himself." "We love you Tessa,also,TitusAliona,and Peter." "Thank you for coming
            our party." "Drive safely our pretty daughter."I will mama,and papa." "We will." "Kisses"
            "Bye." "Have a save journey home." "We will."
                   Miss Tessa,drove both Peter's grandparents Titus,and Aliona,along with Peter.
            Everyone had fun,eating,drinking,singing,dancing,and playing musical instruments.Peter 
            was taught to play a little guitar,and dancing,with Miss Tessa,and her family and friends.
                   It was now tomorrow,and they would go shopping for the fishing trip.Tessa loved
            clothes,and she found,some perfect fushia canvas oxford Keds tennis shoes.She had
            showded her mama,and she had have a pair too.Tessa found deck shoes both for papa,
            and Peter,that were needed,on the fishing ship."Peter,do you like my my mama,in our
            cute fushia Keds canvas oxford tennis shoes?"  "Wow!"  "Both of you look so pretty."
            "Missa Tessa,I see where you got your pretty looks from,your mama!  "Thank you
            very much Peter,you made my mother,and I feel very good. "I like you in your navy
            deck shoes,papa,and Peter." Thank you daughter." Yes,Miss Tessa,thank you for
            saying I am handsome. "Peter,yes Sir." Would like me to be your other grandpa?
            "Oh boy would I!" "Thank you,Grandpa Titus!"."Peter,I going to teach you ever-
            thing about fishing." "Can I kiss my grandma,and grandpa?" You sure can Peter"
                   It been three weeks,and they guys responded,were not her type. She was
            crying.Mama,papa,I thought I findly meet someone.'I know we have the fishing
            trip today,but  would mind if you have everyone meet at Odessa Beach Papa?'
            "No Tessa,your mama and I will join you.I get the ship ready,then we can get  on
            board the ship.
                   It was 8:30 AM when Tessa arrived at Odessa Beach with the grandparents
            of Peter,and Peter." "Tessa,had on a cute cotton candy pink top and short set,with
            her fushia Keds tennis shoes. Peter,knew that Miss Tessa,looked sad,so he tried 
            to cheer up. "Miss Tessa,you look so pretty." "Thank you Peter," "I needed your
            complements,Peter."  "Will you help me,get my pretty blanket out the car?" "I
            would be honered." As soon as the pretty blanket with roses,orchids,butterflies,
            and birds was set up on the sand,a man,who was in blue shorts,navy Keds,hot rod
            shirt,6" tall,gold wire frames,light brown hair and was 45 years old approached her.
            "Hi,my name is Timothy" Our you Miss Tessa the pretty school teacher?" "Yes,I am."
            Please forgive me,I came all the way from Georgia in the United States,just to meet 
            you." "You have?" I could not stop dreaming about you." "I wish I had more time,but
            we are going on a fishing trip." "Please,I beg you,please allow me on the fishing ship"
            "I would be a perfect gentleman." "What do you think,Peter?" " Peter,he looks like 
            he is what you are looking for in a man." He is kind caring,he uses manners,he even
            introduced himself,and said,he would be a gentleman. So,Tessa asked Peter's grand-
            parents,and they agreed with Peter.Now,he had to convince,Tessa's parents.
                Tessa's papa Alexander,and her mama Natalia,along with the other guests,including
            her brother Alexander II,and his family were there."Dear, sir my name is Timothy,I
            came all the way from Georgia in the United States,just to meet you pretty daughter.
            Miss Tessa the school teacher.Please let let my aboard you fishing ship.I promise,I
            will be perfect gentlement.I am so in love with your daughter.My intentions I want to
            court and make her my wife.I agree to children too.Your daughter is so beautiful,but
            her photos shows the real story.She is very sad.I want to take in my arms,and kiss
            her,so gentlely.Be there for her.Even be there to comfort her,stand by her,and cry 
            with  her.She is so beautiful in her pink short set,and canvas fushia Keds,light golden
            blond hair,emerald eyes,that are stunning,her dusty brown eye brows,look so perfect
            with her porcelain skin,black mascara,and soft wet pink lips."Sir,you have gained our
            trust." "You must sit by my daughter Tessa,and keep her happy." "Be warned,this is my
            beautiful precious daughter!" "If you ever hurt her,you will never see her again." " I
            understand Captain!" "I will do my best to,treat your lovely daughter,with respect."
            "Thank you Captain!"
                The fishing trip was fun.People caught many large fish. They were happy for such a 
            succesful fishing trip.The fish were prepared,for there lunch,and dinner,along with fresh
            fruit,vegetables,many salads,fruit drinks,chocolates,chocolate cakes,and pies,and variety
            of nuts for eating.There  was singing,and laughing,from Tessa,her parents,Peter's grand-
            parents,Tessa brother ,and his wife and children.It was was a wonderful experience,that
            Timothy said::"Now I half to marry you Tessa.." Everyone was in shock.SoTimothy said
            "I mean,because, I had such a wonderful  time with your family Tessa,I don't want to miss
            this family bond,and all the fun,you have Tessa,with your family,and closed friends." I will
            court you,so after our courtship,I will marry you." "Tessa,you have already stolen my heart,
            so I can not give it to anyone else." Your mine dear sweet Tessa." "I love you very much."
                After Timothy finshed speaking from his heart,everyone started singing,and dancing..By
            this time the fishing ship was back on dock securely.Timothy,had rented a whole building,for
            this party in Odessa.Every congradulated,the new couple.They had fruit ice creams,and also
            chocolate ice cream with nuts.Timothy,had his digital camara,and extra chips,since there so              
                He did keep his promise,and adopted Peter,but after Tessa was proposed a year later,and
            married the next summer,in the USA
                Tessa first child,was a girl.Timothy was so happy,he kissed his wife dearly."Tessa,
            I alway's wanted a daughter to look like mama." Tessa knew she married the right man.
            Peter's Parents came to share the news,with Peter,he was so happy,he kissed,his beautiful
            mother Tessa.Thank you for letting make this ad for you.I knew you were lonely,and 
            mistreated,in the passed.I just have to do this you Mama." Tessa,wiped Peter's tears, and 
            kissed him on the check,so did his papa Timothy.Timothy said:"Now we are truly a loving 
            family." "Peter,expect a big family,because that is whatTessa needs,and wants." Papa,I also
            want many brothers and sisters,show you can show them love,just like you two loving par-
            ents showed loved to me." "Thank you Peter."You are welcome mama,and papa."

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