Monday, March 18, 2013

The True Facts About Ukrainian Women

                                        The True Facts About Ukrainian Women
                                        Ukrainian Women are plagued with a growing
                                    problem.The problem are the men in Russia.They
                                    rather drink their Vodkeh,then give attention to
                                    their wives.Infact,they are so selfish,that they will
                                    throw out their wives,and get a younger woman,as
                                    if she is a rag doll.Men do not consider marriage,as
                                    a life long commitment.The most they keep there 
                                    wives is two years.Instead the men in Russia,are
                                    commited to their Vodkeh for life.So a women who
                                    is her thirties,is a has been,to their husbands,and pick
                                    out a new women in her twenties.It is for this reason,
                                    that if she finds a man from the United States,or from
                                    other countries,that she is willing to date and marry a
                                    man who is ten years older,or as much in their fifties,
                                    or sixties.They want what we have,a man who is kind,
                                    not cruel,who will be a good provider,and a good hus-
                                    band,who will give her a life long marraiage,and bring
                                    up children,that her husband,and her have together,on
                                    their honeymoon.They want to cook and clean,for her.  
                                    husband,so they are closer together.They want to enjoy
                                    dancing and swimming,keeping fit,so they can be pretty
                                    for their husband.They could also have a profession too.
                                    These Ukrainian women,could be lawyers,doctors,nurses,
                                    artistists,stylists,housekeepers,or another profession.
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