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Davy Jones I Want A Piece Of That

               Davy Jones I Want a Piece Of That
     Davy Jones was the most loved Monkee.

      On December 30,1945 David Thomas Jones
was born on  Learning Street, Openshaw,
Manchester, England.
     He had three sisters, Hazel, Beryl, and Linda.

    His father was a railroad fitter, and homemaker, who
loved horses.
     His father gave his son, the beloved nickname Davy.


      Davy took up the fondness of horses, his father loved. 
Just think of the wonderful times, they shared together rid-
ing horses. Davy riding with his father, with the wind at his 
back, having a great time with his father. His father might 
 have taught Davy how to wash a horse,  groom the horses.

There was brushing the mane, and variety of foods for a
steady diet, to keep the horse healthy. There is a proper
way to ride a horse in the saddle. However, you might to
ride bear back, with no saddle. The horse needed periods
of exercise, to keep it's bones, and leg muscles in good
shape. Davy had to show love, to horses, so the horses
knew he cared about them. Yes, their stables have to be

clean, so they do not get sick, and are happy. It stands
to reason, that Davy Jones had this training, before he 
was trained by a jockey trainer. This includes cleaning
your saddle, to keep your equipment in good repair.
    Davy played Tom sawyer when he was younger, did
some acting.
    However, when he was fourteen his mother died of
 emphysema in 1960.Davy was no longer interest in 
 school, and dropped out. Instead of acting, he wanted 
 to be a jockey.


    From Newmar apprentice jockey trainer, Basil Foster
would be assigned, to Davy Jones. Davy drew closed to Basil.
(Later Davy Jones would take care of Basil Foster, taking 
(him back to the United States, and take care of him.)
    However Davy's dream of being a jockey, was short lived.
It was Basil Foster who believed, he would have been a good
    Still Basil Foster showed personal interest in young Davy.
Basil Foster encouraged Davy Jones to try out for the part,
of the:" The Artful Dodger" in production of "Oliver! " Then
Foster replied:" I've got the kid." Davy got the part, in which
he played, " The Artful Dodger" where he played in London,
and New York. This happened, when he was eighteen,and had
been nominated for a Tony Award.
    Davy said: It was on the same episode, as The Beatles first
appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. He said:" That night
he watched The Beatles from the side of the stage. I saw 
girls going crazy, and I said to myself this is it, I want a
piece of that."    
    Following appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, Davy
signed a contract with Ward Sylvester of Screen Gems
a division of Columbia Pictures.
   Davy Jones was in episodes of "Ben Casey" and also
"Farmers Daughter."
   Davy Jones Debuted Hot 100 August 14,1965 with
the song: " What Are We Going To Do? " This was the
first single Davy Jones Recorded August 14,1965.
   Davy Jones nineteen years old singer was signed to
Colpix Records, a label owned by Columbia. His album
"Davy Jones" also on Colpix label (IP493).
   Davy Jones was the only Monkee assigned to a deal
with the studio, but he still would have to meet the
producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider.
  Davy Jones would have his dream come true, when he
was watching: "The Beatles on Ed Sullivan and said:
"I Want A Piece Of That."

  To the Fans Who Loved Davy Jones
Davy Jones Left Prized Horses The
Cost $3,500 A Month To Feed. If you
can afford it, the top video with Davy
in a blue T-shirt ,is that video He sings
Written In My Heart Full Davy's Early
Life In England With His Jockey
Trainer. You will see Micky helping
Davy Jones with his horses in this



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