Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get To The Point Video Public Speakers!

               Get To The Point Public Speakers!
               What is wrong with you video
     speakers? Many you make big money
     talking,but you do not know a thing,about
     proper public speaking.I see you on you
     tube,and other videos,but you have no

      real theme.You might ask,what makes you 
     a authority on public speaking.I started my
     public speaking back in December 1978. I
     learned you must have a theme,and a few
     main points.You do not spend much time,
     to go in your training. If you want to share
     this,you do this,in the beginning.Now move on
     to your theme.You used  the theme to make a
     captured audience. Do not use a manuscript,
     as you can lose you your place.Instead use a
     out line,and key ideas,not words.If you know
     the ideas,related to the theme,then the words
     will come naturally.Remember,to cover each
     point,so that your audience can understand
     what you are trying to say.Then you can pause
     to let what you said sink in.This is so the people
     in your audience,get the point you are trying to
     make.Do this for you second and third main 
               Do not cover too much material,as this will
    confuse your audience,as to point of your theme.
               A word of advice,if this idea can be left out,
    it was never a real point.
               If you can not explain in simple terms,what
    you are trying to convey to your audience,then you
    are not a good public speaker.Your audience is not
    trying to learn all the Latin terms in law school.They
    simply want to know how your software,or system will
    make them money.Is that too hard too ask?     
              Never should you ever use profanity in public
    speaking, you think you are so cool.It is a big turn off.
              Do not use word wiskers as:ya,um,ain't ect.
              You should get to the point. A man  was talking 
    about the cost of websites,and went to to show the cost.
    If you are not confident about what you say is true,then
    the audience will pick on this.
              If you are going to use a black board,do not waste
    time writng up your points.They should already be wrtten
    out for us to see.Then we can take notes and follow you.
              If you are going to show us automatic software,or
    traffic machines,get us to the site,where this will take
    place,and show us quickly.Do not wait eleven minutes,
    to start three upcoming sites in three minutes fifteen
             If you say the video is so long,do not prolong it.
             Another thing,don't waste our time,while you are in a
    flashy car,or home,not,at the area where you present your
    theme and main points.We want the merchandise,as fast as
    it is explained to us.We know many of you are rich.In fact
    there are 500,000 new millionares,so we do not need you, to
    brag about your riches.
            What is the secret to talk to large audience?Is it what I
    was told picturing everyone in their underwear?No it is not.
    The secret to talking to large audiences,is knowing your
    material! You pick out one friendy face in your audience.
    Then you say a few words,and move on to another person.
    That is the proper way to talk to large and small groups.
    Now you are taught properly,to present your presentation.
           For all who want to know,I do not even uses paper,I use
   3"X 5" cards.I have my theme at the top,and,have no more
   then three main points.I repeat my main points,as to related
   to my theme.
          To write up a talk,you select a theme,and use reliable
   sources for your information.Remember,you are looking for
   key ideas,not words.The words will come naturally from these
   key ideas.Now maybe,the videos will get to the point!



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