Monday, April 22, 2013

It Is Time Oricle To Stop Adding To Java Downloads The Tool Bar

      It Is Time Oricle Stops Adding To Java Downloads
                          The Tool Bar!
       How times have you received your Java update,
     and you click on to download it,then Tool
     Bar comes up with the download?You then try to
     just get the needed,Java download,so you say no.<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><a href="" target=_new>DesktopLightning - Click Here For Free Traffic</a>
 It comes up with this lame question:You Don't want
     your Java download?You are forced,to accept the Tool Bar,Along With The Down-
     loader! I need you All to contact,and say,
     We Do Not Want,Toll Bar And Downloader!
       You might not know,but, is dangerous!It 
     contains,Viruses,Malware,and Spyware! 
       How do I removed Tool Bar,and Downloader?
     Go to your Start window,go to your Control Panel,then
     click:Add or Remove Programs.It will tell you to wait,
     so it will show all the programs,including any tool bars,
     and downloaders.If you do not see Tool Bar,
     and Downloader,then come back about thirty minutes.
     The tricky Tool Bar and Downloader,will hide.
     Go back close all windows,then go back to remove them.
       How do I removed the tricky Tool Bar,I  already
     went to the control panel,and in my Firefox,the blasted Tool Bar is still there! On your left side will be a
     small arrow about 1/8" or smaller.Left Click,and it will
     bring up all your search engines.You find at the bottom of
     the list:Manage Search Engines.Left Click,and Click on Search Engine.Left Click and Delete this search
     engine,from your list.Then click the OK button on the 
     bottom.Restart your computer,and you are done.
       Remember,to remove it from all browsers,so you are safe.
     Do one at a time,then restart your computer.If you have
     more then one browser,then click tools,below address bar.
     Check your add ons,or extensions area,in both Firefox,and
     Chrome.Google Chrome tool bar area,is on the far left.It
     looks like three bars,verticle to each other.Once you click
     that you need to look for tools,then extentions,or add ons 
     in the dropped down menu.Check also this area:History.
It Is Time Oricle Stops Adding To Java The Tool Bar!
     Click on History,in the drop menu.Look for Search Engines.
     There be a small triangle,about 1/8"thick or smaller.Click on 
     that.It will show all your search engines.Find,click on
     it.You want a X to be in back of it.Once you get that X.Click it
     and you have removed
       There are two other Search Engines That Are Dangerous!The 
     Delta Tool Bar That Comes With Google Chrome Browser.
     The other is Babylon Tool Bar Search Engine! Removed these 
     also.If you have problems,you can write in  the remarks,
     and I would happy to assist you.Remember check all browsers,
     Internet Explorer,Chrome,and Fire Fox.
        Another Dangerous thing is Chrome's Extensions!They have
     Dangerous Hidden Viruses In Them!If you get one,Go to the 
     Official Microsoft Website,and Download Immediately their
     Safety Scanner.It could take up to three or more hours,to try to
     go through all your files.
        Also,avoid installing ActiveX Controls.Microsoft needs you to
     do this their site to download,their trusted software,and to run
     properly,but the other sites Do Not install them.
        Always,have your downloads installed to keep definitions up to
     date.Avoid open attachments,you do not know.Microsoft has set
     up that you can check your downloads,to see if a viruus are in them.
     If you find the scanned attachment,of file has a virus,then delete it.
      If you want to give Oricle a piece of your mind call this toll free 
      number:1-(800)633-0738.Listen for the prompt about hardware,then
      select the number,to talk to some one.Tell them you do not want the Tool Bar and Updater with your Java update!

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