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Jessica Pacheco Killed The Monkees Her Brutal Treatment Killed Davy Jones!

        Jessica Pacheco Killed The Monkees
     Her Brutal Treatment Killed Davy Jones!
      This is the hardest article I had to write.
    In my investigation,before Davy Jones had
    met Jessica Pacheco,she was in jail.She was 
    terrible in those mug shots.How they met in
    Florida,was they were acting in a play,and
    working  together.
       Davy Jones was desperate and lonely.He
seen this pretty woman that he was acting with,
so he thought why not ask her out.After all ,I    
have always been good with woman.
       However the most dangerous thing is going
to happened to Davy Jones, and he did not know
it.This is the only woman in the world who hated
Davy Jones.He was over sixty years old.She was
pretty,and she knew it.He fell for her,but she did
not really love him.She might of been attracted 
to him,and found he was a gorgeous actor,just
so she could use cunning to get into his

  To donate to Davy Jones prize
horses,at the end of the song
Written In My Heart, is the caring
organization, who is taking care
 of them.It cost $3,500 a month to
feed a dozen horses.


Jessica Pacheco 

Brazilian Wandering Spider
Most Deadliest Spider In The World.
Those Two Fangs Kill A Human
With Their Poison.
Jessica Is Like This Scorpian
    Deadly Fat Tale Scorpian, Kills
Humans In Minutes, Found  In
Twenty-Three European Countries
Is just four inches long.

After all didn't he say to me that he is a
Monkee?" Hmmm.He's Davy Jones.I
never had heard of "The Monkees?" " Let me
check here at wikipedia."In her check on the 
net,when he said "he was a Monkee,"she never
heard of them.She knew she had found a real
sucker,that he could make money."I see he is
making alot of money as a,singer,actor,also 
great dancer.He's making big money.Let see,he
interested in me,I could get my hooks in him,I
could make much money from this over the hill 
singer.I don't see why people like him,he could
be my grandfather.Still,he is very popular,and
inspite of his age, he is good looking,and a great
dancer.Still I could have a lot of laughs,while
living with a popular pop singer.All ladies do
love him and I have him.He's mine ladies,and
you can't have him.Also I tell him I don't want 
him to talk to old people."Would you believe she
told Davy Jones,"You are not to see old people,
and I will take over handling the money not you." 
"You are to stay around me closed to our home"
       Many think Jessica was a sweet person,I
guess you do not investigate the truth.I done 
much careful research and found,that his four
daughters,tried to stop the wedding.
        Davy was elderly abused often.Let me 
make this clear,if you hold down,a elderly man,
or woman,slap them,hit them,in any way,you
could go to jail.It is against the law to touch a
elderly person,that way.
       Davy was elderly abused after he proposed
to the most deadly Brazilian Wandering Spider.
Davy Jones,knew his daughters,knew of the
brutal abuse,of this Jessica Pacheco,but the sad
lonely Davy Jones,sent all his daughters off,
saying they couldn't attend the wedding.Instead,
he took Jessica on a cruise,so he could findly,
marry the deadly Jessica.
       After they were married,she would elderly
abuse him.Davy even lied to reporters,who tried 
to interview Davy,about the abuse,Jessica did to
him.Davy Jones said:"That no one has ever said
bad things about me,so why do they talk about
my wife Jessica."He made the reporter feel that
nothing was wrong.However,Davy Jones,hid this
lie,and accepted the brutal treatment, just to 
have Jessica stayed married to him.His loneliness
was killing him.
       As every one knows,he was married in that
February 2010.Since they were married,there were
constant, problems in the marriage."The Keeping-
Up With The Jones" was a real joke.Dr,Phil show
did no good.He tried,and it showed Davy Jones,
toothpaste fallinging in the sink,that made Jessica
       The Monkees 45th Anniversary Tour,Jessica 
did dance with Davy Jones,and she looked like she 
was having a fun time.Even Peter,would take turns 
dancing with Jessica.
       However there were events that would unfold.
She wanted to divorce Davy Jones,but it was the
August 2011 that made Davy realise he should 
divorce her.He caught her and her brother taking,
yes stealing,Monkee Money from him.It was after
this it got worse,being hit with a guitar on the head,
other bloody incidents.There too many witnesses to
his wife hurting him.Prior to him knowing,she was 
taking Monkee Money.Everytime the police came,
he begged,them not to jail her.Now in the end, 
he lost his life to her ugly treachery.
       Did you know she was married to a Romanian
man,before she was married to our Davy Jones?
       How many knew, she hated Davy's prize 
horses?Thanks to kind hearted ones,his horses
are in a ranch in Tennesee.Yes all twelve of them.
       One man who had experiences with the band 
The Monkees,is writing a book about this.He is 
donating all,to feeding those horses which is
 $3,500 a month.That is alot of food to keep these
horses alive.   
       Davy Jones was a vegetarian, and went to his 
chiropractor often.He was a to Micky Dolenz,
"The Manchester  Cowboy"and Peter called him  
Jonesy.The Monkees were doing find before this 
deadly spider had entered into the picture.Jessica
killed The Monkees!
       In 2010,a good friend of Davy Jones had 
written song.It was Davy Jones last single 
ever.The song was:"Written In My Heart." 
Could this love song to Jessica,have a double
meaning?What do I mean?Davy Jones and 
even his four daughters, knew of the brutal
treatment,of elderly abuse.Davy could have
talked, to his personal friend in England who 
wrote the song.Davy Jones could have said,
I know all the elderly abuse you did to your
handsome husband,but I am lonely,and I love
you.You know what is written in my heart,but 
you still abuse me.I try to be a good husband,
even though you brutally hurt me,I am not go-
ing to press charges.You know what is written in
my heart Love! 
       This song was released very early part of 
February 2012.When Davy Jones was being
interviewed,about this new song,Davy said it just
had his voice,and was thinking adding back up 
vocals.It never did happen.
       After Davy Jones died,Pacheco family had
waited until March 2012,to have him creamated.
It was done so quickly.They did not want his band
mates oThe Monkees:Micky Dolenz,Peter Tork,
and Mike Nesmith present.How uncaring and cold 
the Pacheco family were.Not let your best friends,
like brothers who are deeply cared you are gone,
not join the memorial,and funeral is in human.It is 
dispectful to Davy Jones and also his closes
friends.They said"That if The Monkees come to
Davy Jones funeral,that it would be a media circus"
How can three closes friends and brothers be a
media circus?
       It was nice,that after Micky and Peter had a 
tribute concert,they were in tears,but together
at BB King Hall.
       Then also in April 2012 on Sunday,there was
 a private  memorial for Davy Jones.It had his
closest friends:Mike Nesmith,Peter Tork,Micky- 
Dolenz,Neil Sedaka,Linda,Davy's first wife,The-
Monkee children,and some others were there.
It was there,that the great final chapter of 
"The Evening Of The Monkees"Tour,for twelve
weeks.From November 8,2012-December 2, 2012.
Mike Nesmith,was there,and said he wanted to be
part of this.Many Nez songs were sung.Most of
the songs were sang,by the song writer,accept 
Mary Mary.and Daily Nightly.They continued the
Head video, alongwith the TV show video.Every
effort was to make it pleasant,entertaining,and 
yes they had laughs too.Like Mike imitating a
Moog synthesizer,while Micky had  the cool
"Daily Nightly" done in fourteen carat gold ink.
personal song book'"Daily Nightly written by 
Mike Nesmith.It was Micky who would sing
"Daily Nightly."
       Many persons came to the concert to see
Mike Nesmith,and completely entertained,as
he sang:"Circle Sky"and "ListenTo The Band,"
which had some cool guitar riffs.He had his
famous song you love:"You Just Be The One"
also the great song Sweet Young Thing."
There was the cool famous Texan songs:
"Papa Genes Blues,"Sunny Girl Friend"
and the cool song"Topica Tundra."There
were more pretty memorable songs from all 
       Unlike concerts in the past,there was no  
The Monkees lighted logo.Instead they had the
gold drums with the red The Monkees on the big
drum.But on the sell out final show in New York,
not only did they have the gold drums with the
red The Monkees logo,but also had DRUM ,the
nostagic drums,that were used in their very live
concerts in the sixties.It was a great end to  the
chapter of the band The Monkees.    
       I am getting the feeling that this song writer,
The Wizard Mike Nesmith is taking both events 
and make them as one.The Evening With The-
 Monkees" from the Reunion Fourty-Fifth-
Anniverasary and"The Evening With The- 
Monkees,Featuring Mike Nesmith,will be one
video,to complete the ending chapter of the band.
The Monkees...The Monkees MidSummer Tour 
2013, was a success.The Monkees  will tour this
summer 2014,keeping the music alive,and the
group,would have made Davy Jones very happy.
        Davy Jones told woman how he felt about 
them in 1987,on the Pool It album.The song was
written by Davy Jones I'll Love You Forever,is
this song.Listen to this song,when ever you get
lonely for Davy Jones.Because,Davy Jones did
need you woman,girls,teen girls cheering him on.
He never forgot your tender feelings you had for
him.He loved you ladies very much,and left this
song,for you to listen to,so you'll always knew
how he felt about you lushious ladies from his
ever loving heart.I'm the penman chosen to keep
his true feelings of Davy Jones alive,I really
happy to do this for all you beautiful woman on
this earth.I keep sharing how he really felt about
you. I Keep you informed,and try to help with 
your tears,and lonely feelings of Davy Jones,

There are six blogs,with blog posts you can
get more of  this Davy Jones.The first one is 
Davy Jones Why Girls Love Him.The site is 
Post name is:Davy Jones The Most Lovable-
Monkee By Woman.The next blog was this
We Can't Get Enough Of  Davy Jones The-
Founder Of The Monkees.With this post to
enjoy:How To Find Many Of Davy Jones Songs-
Of The Monkees.The second link is below
The third blog:Davy Jones The Man Woman-
Love:Post:A Little Bit Me,A Little Bit You. At 
davyjonesmantheylove.blogspot.comThere is a 
new book you can buy and the active link is on
the site for the Ebook or other
format for:A Little Bit Me,A Little Bit You-
The Monkees A Fans Perspective .It is only
$9.95 for this book.I even show you the picture
on this book,along with a retouched original
The Monkees single below has video of this
single .Enjoy ladies,I hope it helps your grief
over Davy Jones.I understand your deep real
feelings,of this famous lovable entertainer.
        The fourth blog is actually older,but 
full of The Monkees videos and albums.
The Monkees And The Monkeemobile site
        I still have many more,that I will added
when they are finished.I am hoping  you
too can cope with the loss of Davy Jones.I do 
know, that Peter Tork,Micky Dolenz and Mike 
Nesmith appreciate your support.Without your
support,The Monkees,would not be able to keep
on continuing having these beautiful concerts.
Did you know you are helping The Monkees,
while they are helping you heal?Davy Jones
would love what you are doing in helping both
of you heal.

        Davy Jones wrote:"I'll Love You Forever."
        The newest blog site is with Nesmith,
Michael Nesmith Gifted Composer Singer And Musician
        Davy Jones is remembered here,with the
best of The Monkees episodes.
Davy Jones Girl Post On Blog Turn Men On By The Way You Wear Your Keds

        There are fourty-two and more,who want this
 Jessica Boycotted.She and her brother should be
charged with murder.If you beat a man's head,who
is elderly,he could have a heart attack,let alone
die from a head blow.(Remember the artist of Beatles
John Lennon,that was in John's art class.He was
good looking first bassists .He went outside after playing
with the band.They kicked Stewart Sutcliffe in the head
Litherland Town Hall. after boyfriends were jealous of
their girlfriends.He died from that head blow Apr.1962) 

Steward Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe

First Bassist In John Lennon's  Art
Class He was more gifted as a Artist
then being a Beatle.Being a Beatle
cost his life.He was so handsome
so they kicked his head.By Apr. 1962
he was dead.He was John Lennon's
best friend.His Picture Is On The 
Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart
ClubBand  Album Cover.

      Jessica is modern Jezebel,She is murderous,and

should be in prison!
     Jessica Pacheco Killed The Monkees Her Brutal Treatment Killed Davy Jones!
    Look! For Part 2 Secret Winess Has A Book Jessica's Treatment Of Davy Jones!

 The Wedding Picture That Would Kill Davy Jones
Shades Of Grey


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  2. The Red is Davy Jones blood that was spilled.
    White lines,are to be guitar strings,that will never,be played again.Everyone,must know
    Jessica Pacheco,was already married,to a man from Romania,before she met Davy.She was brutal to Davy.
    A murderous Jezebel,who stoled Monkee Money.

  3. This article is not well written at all. If you're going to post controversial information, at least make it enjoyable to read. All the typos and poorly written sentences make it a hard read. Try using spell check, and then have an editor go over it with you before you post it online.