Friday, April 5, 2013 Are Beautiful WomanWho Need Love

               Beautiful Women Who Need Love
                     How would you feel if you felt like
                a Amazon woman?We feel this way,
                accept,we nor brutal,like Amazon
                woman.We are Odessa,Ukraine,the
                rest of the Ukrain,Russia.We are many.
                     The men could care less, if we drop
m/sparksx                dead.They have their love affair with the
                Vadkeh,the get stone drunk.We hate it!
                 Please rescue us,from this pain.We are
                 so very lonely.It is like The Monkees
                 song called:"Tear Drop City." It is a we
                 do not drown in our tears.We will give
                 anything,to have,loving companiship.Our
                 mothers,since,twelve has been training us to 
                 be good wives,and mothers.many need,and
                 want children,from our loving husband.Is a
                 pretty fashion you want us to wear.To you
                 communication,as who we are,are hobbies,
                 our passions,yours as well.Please date us, we
                 need love.We aew willing to date men in our
                 fifties and sixtie,just ask us,as we do have our
                 standards to age.We be forever greatful for
                 taking us home.Just think,of getting up,and
                 seeing your pretty girl next to you,knowing that
                 we,are your wife,and you're are husband. Now


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