Saturday, April 20, 2013

Warning! Rodger Hyatt Was Ripped Off By Pure Leverage You Could Be The Millions That Lose Your Money!

    Warning! Rodger Hyatt Was Ripped Off By Pure Leverage.
                You Millions Could Lose Your Money!
                   Rodger Hyatt himself contacted me,
          He warned that Pure Leverage was a Scam!He
         sent me a email,with Pure Leverage video to
         check out.They never paid him a dime,even when
         he upgraded.I want All of you,I want you, to request
         a full The Federal
        Trade Commision.Tell them that Pure Leverage ishttp://www.desktoplightning<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><a href="" target=_new>DesktopLightning - Click Here For Free Traffic</a>
        a Fraud! They already got Rodger Hyatt,a honest
        business man,with their fake videos,who upgraded
        as a member,and you are afraid you are going to be
        next!The Federal Trade Commision will ask if you
        had contacted Pure Leverage?This very important!
        After you contacted Pure Leverage,then get any
        confirmation number,if they so give you one. You
        need to write everything down,so you have all the
        facts correct.The Federal Trade Commission,will
        like your name,when you signed up,as a up-
        graded member.They will also asked for any
        proof.Forward all emails,to the email address
        you give them.Be mindful of this fact!You All
       Must Contact The Federal Trade Commission
       At Once!After the Federal Trade Commission,
       has enough Cases,they go investigate your dis-
       pute.Please,I urge ALL,to contact them at once!
       After they have a flood of complaints,they will
       have to investigate Pure Leverage.
             Rememeber to save your claim number you
      recieve from The Federal Trade Commission.
      Write it down.There is a active link,above. Click
      on it, I tested the linkIt will take you to The
      Federal Commission website.Do not answer,any
      fraudulent emails!Save these,forward all emails,
      as I mentioned above.If you all work together,you
      might be able to get your money back quicker.
      Be Alert To New Videos That Show Flashy Cars,Boats,
     Houses,And More?Ask yourselve,is this really Real,or
     is this the New Gurus in the 21st Century trying to take
     your hard earn money?Check them out to see if they
     a real company,with honest business practices.If you
     find out they are honest,then you can proceed.Write
     down the day you joined,in a binder,or note pad.Get
     any names of the company.Write down their refund
     policy.Some have a sixty day,or thirty day money
     back policy.Be mindful,these free to try is only seven
     days.After this they charge your credit card the one
     time fee.However so systems,have a monthy fee,read
     the terms,or watch the video again,to see how much
     the monthy fee is,for some systems.They do this since
     some systems,cost tens of thousands if not hundred of
     thousands to build.For all the computer programmers
     work.Do Not Join Pure Leverage It Is A Scam To Take
    Your Hard Earned Cash!
                       Warning! Rodger Hyatt Was Ripped Off By Pure Leverage.You Millions Could Lose Your Money!

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