Friday, April 5, 2013

We Are Beautiful Latino Woman From We Need Love

                 We Are Beautiful Woman From 
        We Need Love
                        We are very pretty woman
                that make good wives,and mamas.
                There are 8,000 of us to choose                          
                from.Please,give us chance to make
                you happy.We are beautiful,with a
                figure you love.Our eyes,with make
                you,take notice,As you see are love
                ly lips of beauty.He take good care
                faces,with long flowing hair.Many do
                have black hair,or brown if you don't
                mind.Alot of us have pretty brown 
                eyes.Please love us,we will turn you 
                on.We will were stunning clothing to
                have you look at us.We love dressing,
                in stunning formals,and then,jumping
                in a getting our swimsuits,and having
                are special man look at us.And look-
                ing us,as were the most beautiful girl
                in the world.Please,date us,so we can
                be a couple,enjoy,each others's time
                together,set a date,after,our courtship,
                and get married.Then let me give kisses
                and hugs,on our honeymoon,while you
                give children.I will be so ever greatful.

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