Monday, May 6, 2013

Davy Jones Personally Went Mpc To See The Monkeemobile Model From #2 Car

              Davy Jones Personally Went To Mpc To See 
           The Monkeemobile Model Made From Second Car
                 In 1967 Your beloved Davy Jones visited the
           Mpc factory, to see the finished Monkeemobile
           model kit sh own here. Who was there? None other
           then the designer, stylist and builder King of the
           Stripers Dean Jeffries. He show Davy Jones the
           famous Monkeemobile Mpc 1/25 Model kit. It 
           was made from The Monkeemobile #2 stunt car.
           It was the small Davy Jones raced against his
           foe played by Carol Shelby in his famous Shelby
           Cobra Coupe that are worth  $20,000,000,and
           going up.
                In 1971 George Barris Purchased The Monkee-
           mobile #2,along with The Black Beauty #1 for $1,500
           a piece. George ruin the design first when he stripped
           the tires and mags, made debauched Monkees logo in
           this ugly color. He added slotted mags, and Formula 1
           tires. Then he had Dick Dean, who help build both sets
           of cars, add this yellow orange between the grill shell,
           also between the lights. 
               George Barris also had #3 Monkeemobile built by
           having Dick Dean, use a 1966 Pontiac Catalina  in-
           stead of GTO. Dean Jeffries, never authorize this car
           to be built.
               In 1982 it was brought the custom car designers, it is
           time to sell your cars. So George Barris did auction #2
           Monkeemobile for $26,000,but the bidder never showed.
           This why George Barris had #2 Monkeemobile so long.
               However, In 2006 it  was said, the designer was going to
           to restore The Monkeemobile. But that was a lie. George
           Barris owned The Monkeemobile #2.Which actually took
           it back to Rancho Cordova, but they will say Sacramento,
           because the County boundaries. I know that area, because
           I finished high school there. 
               George Barris actually ruin Dean Jeffries design. He had
           the four pipe headers on the side the blower, changer to three
           like the original model kit of The Monkeemobile #2. He had
           the interior white like the model kit, instead of tan. He had the
           custom touring top changed from tan to white, then he had the
           builders, paint the inside of the top black, with chrome bands.
           The car, was no longer a red or burgundy color, but now it was
           raspberry. The Gold The Monkeemobile logos were correct.
           However, they ruined the rear bench seat. They had computer
           video audio system, while it looked cool, they made it so you
           could sit in the middle the rear bench seat. They added a white
           parachute, and correct size, considering ,the car came with bias
           tires, they added Bridgestone tires, the correct height on all fours.
          They had the right Craigar SS Diamond Five Spokes with the
           three prong knock offs. The car was toured that year, where
           Micky Dolenz signed under the hood first. Then 2010 Your 
           Beloved Davy Jones Signed the car. I believe latter in 2012
           Peter Tork signed the car.
               I have a stand up picture of Davy Jones by The Monkee-
           mobile #2. For you model collectors, they did bring out the
           model of The Monkeemobile, in almost original box art. They
           had removed The Monkees on top, but left you with the car
           original box art.
              I know  Davy Jones lives on in our memories, but if you want
           to show your support, please, go The Monkees Reunion Tour.
              Go here: Yes it
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          Helped  Him Get His Big Break Who Gave His Nickname
          What Famous Place Was At...These Are All Covered This
          Post...Many Pictures Of The Monkees Monkeemobiles...    

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