Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Monkeemobiles With Pretty Woman

The Monkee Mobiles With Pretty Woman
       Both pictures have super models of
    The Monkeemobile #1.1.Wearing a nice
    yellow dress and white pumps,she is
    posing with The Monkeemobile# 1 in a
    colored pictured.It has a yellow blower.
    2.Two models posing with the same car
    in bikinis.Do you notice the blond hold-
    in the injector scoop? The whole front
    on injector scoop,including the baffles are
    painted  black,as to give it that gasser look.
     While George Barris called The Batmobile
    a star,Dean Jeffries The Monkeemobile was
    a star too,since The Monkees always drove
    the car in the program,accept the pilot episode.
    You can not be a pop star,without your car also
    being Monkeemobile was getting as
    much publicity,as The Monkees:Davy Jones,
    Peter Tork,Micky Dolenz,and Mike Nesmith.
      So far six Monkeemobiles have been built.

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  1. Do not these woman look great modeling with the number#1 Monkee Mobile? That Lip Stick Red Paint,stands out with the yellow blower,and those gold Monkee logos on the doors.Those Craigar SS Diamond Five Spoke Mags with matching knock off caps,look great on those GoodYear Wide Oval tires.They sure know to make a winning combination.