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Friday, May 24, 2013

Mike Nesmith Made Some Coolest Songs From The Monkees

           Mike Nesmith Made Some The Coolest Songs For The Monkees
               One of the first songs that was cool was Papa Genes Blues.
          Infact if you have a original Monkees LP album they spelled
          it wrong,on album covers,like this:Papa Jeans Blue,when this
          mistake was made by Colgems,it goes up in value.It was one
          the first composed songs written by Michael Nesmith,that
          was before The Monkees.
              Then also in The  Monkees Never Look A Gift Horse In
         The Mouth,where Davy Jones,had to ride a boys horse to
         save him. Speaking Of Saving, Davy Jones Horses Need
         Money For Food.They spend monthy $3,500 for these rare
         horses in Tennessee where they are being looked after.

      Mike Nesmith,wrote all the songs in that episode. The song
      that Mike Nesmith was singing to was All The Kings Horses.
      It had cool pop beat,going through the song.
              Remember You May Just Be The One Written and sung 
      by Michael  Nesmith, he which prefers.It is just one cool sung. 
              One my posts  has picture in blue,with navy The Monkees
      logo on the drums.Mike Nesmith,is actually singing  the song
      What Am I Doing Hangin' Round,was as a favor to the very
      cool Michael Nesmith,who asked ,Michael Murphy to write
      it for their next album.It was also sang at the end the episode
      Davy Jones raced The Monkeemobile.
              Mike Nesmith's Tropical Tundra,and Sunnny Girlfriend had
      a nice Texan flair in the songs. A cool sung he did on the phone
      in the series,was real cool Sweet Young Thing.The original song
      had even violins for that get down rock feeling.A song that was
      #3 was Pleasant Valley Sunday,also not written by Nesmith.
      It should have been a number one song.It was Peter Tork's
      favorite in the 1960's.
            Another song was written Mike Nesmith is Daily Nightly.
      Micky Dolenz was the second person to buy a MOOG syn-
      thesizer,to plays this wild song.Also Davy Jones Star Collector
      and Love Is Only Sleeping not written  by Mike Nesmith's was
      first song used with this MOOG
             Listen To The Band was made for  33 1/3 but it bombed.
      not the music,but the psychodelic idea was too much.It was
      up against the Academy Awards,even Annette Funicello,
      could not save it.Interestingly,Annette,also in Head .
            As The Monkees made the movie Head,Circle Sky which
      was actually a major song for the movie.We know the movie
      starts with the beautiful Porpose Song,which Micky was lead,



      but Davy Jones, was critical ,with his English voice. However,
      before the movie was finished, The Monkees had special concert,
      with teen girls from all areas to shout as loud :" We Want The
       Monkees!" It was crucial they do this. While The Monkees were
      getting ready, the main song was Circle Sky, again written and
      song by Mike Nesmith. Infact, They had to; sing it again; since
      The Monkees, needed to be perfect; for Head.  There are many;
      songs of Mike Nesmith, but this Summer; Mike Nesmith with the
      group The Monkees, are going to sing;  Rare Songs Not Heard In
      Years. The Monkees Reunion Tour Is July 15,- August,18, 2013.
      All Twenty-Four Tour Dates City State Where Concert Played...
      Do Not Miss It, You Will Hear; Many Rare, Mike Nesmith Songs...
      Go here:Euphoric Over Mike Nesmith Causes The Monkees Reunion Tour Twenty-Four Days Official July 15,-August 18,2013 !  Go The The Bottom Click Old
      Posts  On Right Side Is 2013 Click It Then You Will Find This...
Michael Nesmith with Micky Dolenz will be on tour holding up
their U.S. The Monkees Tour in 2021. 
     The Monkees have an agent who is: Jodi Lynn Ritzen. 


Monday, May 6, 2013

Davy Jones Personally Went Mpc To See The Monkeemobile Model From #2 Car

              Davy Jones Personally Went To Mpc To See 
           The Monkeemobile Model Made From Second Car
                 In 1967 Your beloved Davy Jones visited the
           Mpc factory, to see the finished Monkeemobile
           model kit sh own here. Who was there? None other
           then the designer, stylist and builder King of the
           Stripers Dean Jeffries. He show Davy Jones the
           famous Monkeemobile Mpc 1/25 Model kit. It 
           was made from The Monkeemobile #2 stunt car.
           It was the small Davy Jones raced against his
           foe played by Carol Shelby in his famous Shelby
           Cobra Coupe that are worth  $20,000,000, and
           going up.
                In 1971 George Barris Purchased The Monkee-
           mobile #2, along with The Black Beauty #1 for $1,500
           a piece. George ruin the design first when he stripped
           the tires and mags, made debauched Monkees logo in
           this ugly color. He added slotted mags, and Formula 1
           tires. Then he had Dick Dean, who help build both sets
           of cars, add this yellow orange between the grill shell,
           also between the lights. (Please Note: it was forced by
           Columbia Pictures to do this. Why? They own The 
           Monkee name, also the car was copyrighted, which
           they did not want the car look like Dean Jeffries
           Monkeemobile used in the show.)
               George Barris also had #3 Monkeemobile built by
           having Dick Dean, use a 1966 Pontiac Catalina  in-
           stead of GTO. Dean Jeffries, never authorize this car
           to be built. (It is this car that was sent to England.) 
               In 1982 it was told to: "sell your the custom cars" 
           which Hot Rod Magazine, had armed the public. So
           designers were selling off their cars to the public,.
           So George Barris did auction #2 Monkeemobile for 
           $26,000, but the bidder never showed. This why George 
           Barris had #2 Monkeemobile so long. He did sell  many
           custom cars to Indiana Trucking company. But a very
           weird  family bought the original Munster Koach. They
           let the car go in unkempt condition. They would not
           even let George Barris have his men make a mold from
           it. Then 1984, Dick Dean wanted his own Koach, so he
           built one that was later restored in 2011 by Antique Ford
           Restorers in what is Racho Cordova.
               However, In 2006 it was said, the designer was going to
           to restore The Monkeemobile. But that was a lie. George
           Barris owned The Monkeemobile #2. Which actually took
           it back to Rancho Cordova, but they will say Sacramento,
           because the County boundaries. I know that area, because
           I finished high school there. 
               George Barris actually ruin Dean Jeffries design. He had
           the four pipe headers on the side the blower, changer to three
           like the original model kit of The Monkeemobile #2. He had
           the interior white like the model kit, instead of tan. He had the
           custom touring top changed from tan to white, then he had the
           builders, paint the inside of the top black, with chrome bands.
           The car, was no longer a red or burgundy color, but now it was
           raspberry. The gold The Monkeemobile  banner  were larger
           However, they ruined the rear bench seat. They had computer
           video audio system, while it looked cool, they made it so you
           could sit in the middle the rear bench seat. They added a white
           parachute, and correct size, considering , the car came with bias
           tires, they added Bridgestone tires, the correct height on all fours.
          They had the right Craigar SS Diamond Five Spokes with the
           three prong knock offs. The car was toured that year, where
           Micky Dolenz signed under the hood first. Then 2010 Your 
           Beloved Davy Jones Signed the car. I believe latter in 2012
           Peter Tork signed the car.
               I have a stand up picture of Davy Jones by The Monkee-
           mobile #2. For you model collectors, they did bring out the
           model of The Monkeemobile, in almost original box art. They
           had removed The Monkees on top, but left you with the car
           original box art.
              I know  Davy Jones lives on in our memories, but if you want
           to show your support, please, go The Monkees Reunion Tour.
              Go here:http://themonkeemobiles1966.blogspot.com/ Yes it
          this site. Go To The Bottom Click On Old Posts Then On Right
          Side is 2013 Click It You Go Through The Posts And Find The
          Tour Dates Cities States Where They Play...  There Many
          Pictures  Of The Monkees After You Click The Link After
          Post...Last Link About Davy Jones Beginnings Who Really 
          Helped  Him Get His Big Break Who Gave His Nickname
          What Famous Place Was At...These Are All Covered This
          Post...Many Pictures Of The Monkees Monkeemobiles...    


The Stunt Monkeemobile #2 Gives New Publicity To The Monkees

The Stunt Monkeemobile # 2 Gives New Publicity To The Monkees    
     With the removal of Don Kirshner after he was found guilty to
making More of The Monkees Album,having backing Neal Diamond
on Little Bit Me,and using a JC Penny's ad as a album cover.When
their contract says they are to  be consented in the making of music 
 and cover of the albums. Don Kirschner went back to New  York,to 
make that album,instead of being in Los Angelos California.They 
found out about this album when they were in Michigan at a record 
store.When Michael Nesmith,heard Neal Diamond on back up vocals,
while Davy was the lead singer on a Little Bit Be Me.He so mad.In 
fact when the hearing was about this with matter,Michael Nesmith put
his fist through the wall,and said that could have been your face. With
Don Kirschner fired, The Monkees had freedom to sing and play the 
music they want.
      So The Monkees produced Headquarters all done by them.They
were happy with this victory.The Monkeemobile#2 was the stunt car.
This was used in the second season,with freedom  control to write and
 play their own music.
      It was also the car Davy Jones used to race against the evil Klutz
in his Klutzmobile,played by Carol Shelby racing his Ford Shelby Cobra 
Coupe Daytona.Watch Davy Jones drag in The Monkeemobile.
     Also the Dean Jeffries Mantaray was used,repainted pearl yellow,
and the bubble top removed and a new manifold with a Holley four barrel
and a custom scoop to match the car.It also had the English flag on it.



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