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Saturday, September 21, 2013

One Man Didn't Show Patience Then Others Joined Not Knowing The Out Come

       A Man Didn't Show Patience Others
         Joined Not Knowing The Results
            They all joined in but they were
       taken by surprise.Let this video tell

Woman Enjoy Both One And Two Piece Swim Suits One Lady Is Bashful

                Woman Enjoy Both One And Two
          Piece Swim Suits One Lady Is Bashful
             While woman enjoy picking their very
         favorite swim suit, floral, tiger print, cat
         prints, zebra, black, two piece, gold, silver,
         vinyl, stripes, coral, red, brown, neutral, in
         one and two piece, there is one lady; that
         feels bashful; in her, pretty swim suit. This
         video, will explain; her reaction; and what
         type she had on that day.
             You Tube keeps taking video off; so
         I have to find one; to go with this post.


Friday, September 20, 2013

The Monkees Also Made Commercials With Nerf Balls Advertising Kool-Aid

  The Monkees Advertised Nerf Balls Advertising Kool-Aid
    Yes there was a time you sent in Kool-Aid packages to
get things.The Monkees advertised how you could get new
Nerf Balls.Watch the commercials,and have some fun.

The Monkees Were In Yardley Black Lable Cologne Commercials

         The Monkees Were In Yardley Black Lable Commercials
           The slogan for Yardley Black Lable was Some People
        People Have It Some People Don't.

Did You Know The Monkees Did Commercials For Kool-Aid Sometimes With Bugs Bunny?

       Did You Know The Monkees Did Commercials 
         Yes The Monkees did; and there is proof too.
     Watch the Kool-Aid commercials of The Monkees.
     The slogan  was Make Friends With Kool-Aid...
     Make Kool-Aid With Friends...More Fun That
     Never Ends...You Can Always Use Another 
     Friend...You Tube Pulled The Videos; 
    So Have research for new old ones


Did You Know Kellogg's Was The Sponsor For The Monkees TV Show?

       Did You Know Kellogg's Was The
     Sponsor For The Monkees TV Show?
        It is really true, The Monkeemobile
     had a red and white parachute that had
     Kelloggs written on it.Watch the videos
     and listen to the Kellogg's jingle.It is
     commercial 5 and bonus material in 
     The Monkees Deluxe Edition in the
     Bonus Material 13.Kellogg's  Jingle
     with Davy Jones in the Kellogg's Rice
     Krispies Cold Cereal.With The Monkee-
     mobile.Kellogg's Best To You was the
    slogan. Included is The Monkees TV
    1966 Cartoon advertising the show.
    It includes Kellogg's The Monkee
    Commercials and also clips of the
    new show.




Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This Group Took American By A Storm

     This Group Took America By A Storm
       Before this there was a lot of music
    about surfing and dragging. Some had
    just cool surfing music with no lyrics.
   There also some cool drum solos to
   surfing music. Don't get me wrong I do
   love this music. But a new sound was

Remember The Honey Bees On Gilligan's Island?

            Remember The Honey Bees On Gilligan's Island?

              The story is about The Mosquito's who fly in
          their helicopter on the island. It is was the idea if
          the three ladies Ginger, Mary Ann, and Lovey who 
          was married to rich Howel III, became a singing
          group, they would take them back ,and bring help,
          to rescue the rest of the members on the island.
          Instead the Mosquito's rock group,saw them as a
          threat, since they sound better to the Mosquito's
          and they took off, leaving them stranded on the
              However, it was Gilligan who came out with
          the idea to first join them. This called for all the
          men to act like pop rock singers with the girls
          screaming to go along with this gag. The men
          were terrible. Then Gilligan was taking about
          a saying his mother told him," If you don't
          succeed try try again." One the girls kissed
          Gilligan and started the Honey Bees. They 
          left a note which Mary Ann read. They also
          gave them a signature album that Gilligan 
          added to his collection. I have this sound
          chip on my phone. It's Mr. Howel  III who
          introduces them like he's Ed Sullivan.

When Ask Who Do You Prefer Ginger Or Mary Ann?

                       When Ask Who Do You Prefer Ginger Or Mary Ann?
                             Most men chose Mary Ann,but I chose Ginger as 
                        a little boy.Sure Mary Ann is pretty,just as Ginger is
                        pretty.Both could sing too,however Tina Louise was a
                        real movie star,actor and singer,who made real albums.
                        Both Ginger and Mary Ann are from Gilligan's Island.
                             In fact if you remember the show it is on Me TV, and
                         just started yesterday September 2, 2013 at 8:00 PM.
                             Another both ladies have is a beautiful figure.If I was
                         ask again I choose both Ginger and Mary Ann.Both
                         ladies are beautiful with hourglass figures.Ginger is a
                         gorgeous woman who is a movie star with feelings. And
                         the gorgeous Mary Ann is younger farm girl, who is 
                         seen a red and white check blouse  and short shorts, that
                         turn men on, in the show. However Ginger could wear the
                         same clothing, and look just as good, as Mary Ann.They
                         did however, have a episode where Mary Ann hit head,
                         and she woke up thinking she was GingerMary Ann
                         did ruin Ginger's clothes, but when Ginger was upset at
                         this happening, no one cared. In my feelings they were
                         more interested in Mary Ann, then Ginger cast role.
                            True fact Bob Denver played Gilligan, who hated being
                         put with Ginger played by the lovely Tina Louise.Yet both
                         were in the movie For Those Who Think Young, with the
                         main focus on James Darrin and Pamela Tiffin. Yet no one
                         cared, that Tina Louise was stereo-typed as Ginger while
                         lovely Tina Louise movie career was ruin. No one would 
                         hire as a actor because, they all thought of her as Ginger.
                         This happen after the sixties.Tina Louise hated playing
                         Ginger, but before Bob Denver died Tina Louise made up.
                         Dawn Wells is beautiful as Mary Ann,so why not have both. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Please Be Careful With Your Lawnmowers Or Your Dogs Might Might Wind Up Like Rover

       Please Be Careful With Your Lawnmowers
       Or Your Dogs Might Wind Up Like Rover
            Caution must be used, in using your 
     lawnmower.Never use you lawnmower,when
     you have metal objects,that could damage the
     blades,and fly off and hit your eyes and blind 
     you.Make sure you never have your fingers,
     or feet,in the way of the blades,and cut them
     off.Keep children away from your lawnmower,
     so them do not lose their limbs.By all means
     keep your dogs away from your power           
     mower,or he might  wind up like this dog.