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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dick Dean Built Most Of The Cars For Barris Kustoms

          Dick Dean Built A Famous Wine Barrow Truck,
            Hillbillies Hot Rod Truck Ed Next Designed 
                 Turnpike Hauler At Barris Kustoms
       Back the early seventies,the designer named
   Ed Newt designed this cool truck.There was one
   man that could pull off building such wild vehicles,
   no I am not talking George Barris, I talking about
   Dick Dean, who built the custom truck with injector
   tubes from a large wine barrel. The cab is cut out
   to carry a custom interior.It was no surprise that
   he used the same building concept for the fire
   engine red gold base 1926 Oldsmobile for the Hot
   Rod truck for Beverly Hillbillies. Please people 
   George Barris found a 1926 Oldsmobile truck 
   for the hot rod version. Only the auction off real
   1921 Oldsmobile truck, was that year. The 1926
   Oldsmobile had no headlights, which the idea 
   came from a drawing with lightning bolts with
   white bench seats. It was this drawing on cheap
   butcher paper, that made this custom to be built
   for the race against granny with triple XXX
   moonshine for fuel. 
        It was Dick Dean who built these and  more at
   at Barris Kustoms. George Barris main body man
   was Dick Dean,who did the scroll work on both
   Munster Koach#1 and build the car.He had help
   with Barris crew,and 1984 built Munster Koach#2
   The Dragula he built four.Only the first was used
    in film.
       If you love the Surf Woody,and most of Barris
    Kustoms,it is because he built them.He could of
    had help,but he was George Barris right hand 
    man.Without Dick Dean,George Barris big life
    of success,wouldn't have happen.After all how 
    long can a guy go,without a professional body
    man that could build everything,Barris wanted
    to fulfill those contracts,orders for every major
    player? Not long. 
       Both Monkeemobiles #1,and 2 Jeffries had
    Dick Dean help him,and both Black Beauty's
    too.He build both unauthorized Dean Jeffries
    cars,as The Monkeemobile #3,which was a'66
    Pontiac Catalina,instead of a GTO.He built 
    many versions of the Black Beauty.He also built
    The Monkeemobile #4 AMT car,in 1999,so 
    The Monkeemobile would be back for us to build.
    Mecum Auctions had the winnning bid from a man
    in Florida.This man in Florida,had the car mags 
    changed to full size,as in the show,and has no
    Monkees logo on the car.It is very possible that
    this number #4 car,will be used for the real new
    production movie of The Monkees life for new
       That custom dragster in color is a candy blue.
    Dick Dean designed this dragster and called it
    Dragster For Two.

       The Bathtub,was built from pipes you find
       in house plumbing.Dean Dick was definitely
       needed to make those headers work,if not
       more.This was a Monagram  model car kit.
       Before people were making many Corvette
    Nomads, like General Motors experimental
    car, Dick Dean built the first one.  
        Look in the black and white photos and these
    were all built by Dick Dean, besides the Barris
    Kustom cars.Also yellow convertible was by 
    Dick Dean. The Mail Truck ,The Monkees
    with #1 Monkeemobile and Black Beauty
    with Green Hornet and Kato in color and
    also black and white. (Dick Dean helped
    Dean Jeffries in building both Black-
    Beauties and both Monkeemobiles used in
    these two series at Barris Kustoms.)
    This a copy of the famous Lil B...Car that
    Jeffries built with the #1 Batmobile that Dean
    Jeffries built,for James Dean.The ZRR,
    Munster Koaches#1 and 2, also four Dragula's
    Surf Woody pictures shows how Dick Dean
    built this famous Barris Kustom. You See
    the Ice Cream Truckand Wine Barrel Truck,
    I have the Hillbillies Hot Rod Truck Olds and
    1921 Olds Truck used for the show. I have so
    many files, I have locate them.
    I have many extra  files I keep of these cars
    for you to enjoy. 



The Barris Kustom Surf Woody Built Dick Dean For Shows

     The Barris Kustom Surf Woody Built By Dick Dean
For Show

The Batmobile Was The Coolest Car That Became A Star

The Batmobile The Coolest Car That Became A Star!