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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Parental Training Miss Tessa From Odessa Recieved And The Husband She Lost

                          The Parental Training Miss Tessa From Odessa
                                Recieved And The Husband She Lost                                                                                                                                                                                               
                       There once was a girl named Tessa,who had loving
               parents  from Odessa. Her papa was a fisherman named
               Alexander,and her mama was Natalia,with emerald eyes,
               blond long hair,and size five figure,and porelain skin that
               Tessa's papa fell in love,and first had a good son,who is
               making was named Alexander II,who is professional fish-
               man,married to his beautiful wife,Natalie,and a daughter
               Mary,and a son Philip.Alexander II wife,had also green
               emerald eyes,and their son and daughters,were born too
               with emerald eyes.However Natalie is a brunette,and so
               is their daughter Mary.Philip has light brown hair.Tessa,
               loved her brother very much,and he was older by ten 
               years,then Tessa.Both families were taught how to play
               music.However,Tessa,would take time,to master these
               instruments.Also Alexander II,promised his parents
               Natalia,and Alexander,he would only drink in times of
               moderation,never on the job,while at sea,or while he
               was driving.He promised his wife Natalie,and also
               their children,and his young sister Tessa,who he loved
               very much.He remembers,when he was younger,he put
               a creme pie in Tessa's face.Tessa,had a second pie for
               Alexander II in the face.From that time on, her brother,
               never put ,Tessa's face in a pie.After that they got a big
               laugh,but mama,and papa,gave them a whipping for not
               respecting,the effort mama put in prepaing those pies.
               Both were to cleaned the mess together,and apologized
               to mama.Mama Natalia,was crying.They both promised, 
               to make up to her,and they will never,pull this again on 
               each other.Mama was comforted,by papa Alexander.
               Alexander II,got out his guitar,and was singing to mama.
               Then Tessa, joined in singing, a love song to mama.
               Mama,and papa forgave both Alexander II,and  Tessa.              
                      While most  mamas did this at twelve,since Natalia,
              Tessa's mother, was a early boomer.She noticed that her
              daughter Tessa,was also a early bloomer,and  time  was 
              now,to explains things,that would happen to her body to 
              prepared her,for the future of womanhood.Mama,taught
              her,a private matter which this actually done at eleven,
              menstration for some girls.So mama was very comforting
              about this matter.She learned from mama, this  starts the
              process called puberty,so she can become  fully alerted,
              to become a mother,and bear children for her husband,
              when she is ready,toget married.Mama also told her,she
              developed early,and had to have,your grandmother
              Nana,to buy my first bra." "So Tessa,the time has come
              to go shopping to get your first bra." Thank you mama."
              "I do love you explaining this to me." My tops have been
              getting too tight mama." " I will give you something,that is
              loose to wear,until we get those bras.Infact we are going
              to measure you.I will show you how,to measure your 
              figure properly." "Thank you mama." "You are welcome
                     Mama and Tessa went shopping,got her bras,skirts,
              dresses,slacks,her other underwear,she needed,to be so
              comfortable,as a young lady.She also had work clothes,
              new tennis shoes,and ballerina slippers,a tutu, pumps,
              flats,sandles,short boots,and long boots,forcold weather
              Mama also made sure,Tessa had night gowns,pajamas,
              her own faux fur long coat,also black long skirt,and gloves. 
              Mama loved pretty fashions,so she also got clothes for her-
              self,that would please her husband,who is a hard worker.
              So she bought a leather knee length black skirt,and also
              a long black leather skirt.Natalia bought a leather fushia
              dress,with new pretty bow stockings,and black pumps.
              Also a beautiful faux fur coat,to kept her warm in the
              cold weather.She taught Tessa all the domestic chores 
              to be done by her pretty daughter,to be a valuable wife.
              She learned to make her own clothes,to sow.Mama
              and her daughter,would make a beautiful blanket with 
              roses,orchids,butterflies,and birds.When this blanket
              was finished,she would give it to her daughter. Tessa,
              would use it,on lushes lawns,for eating lunches,picnics,
              for family,and friends,or just to take a nap on the lush
              grass lawns.She love this special gift. 
                   Meanwhile mama would teach her everything,she
              knew,so she would be a useful mama,teacher,and a
              friend,to those she could help with trials,and to listen. 
              These abilities and talents,Tessa could use in her adult
              life.Mama gave Tessa this special training,so when she
              was marrying age,she would be ready for every task,
              for a wife to perform,for her husband.Tessa loved 
              this warm self-sacrificing spirit of her mama,Natalia
              showed.Her mama taught her how to cook,clean 
              plant vegetables,and flowers.Mama also taught her
              how to properly take care of her appearance.Mama
              was a art major in college,so she knew how to use
              color.She showed her pretty daughter Tessa,how to  
              put on make up professionally.She showed her color
              swatches,they are colors in thin,one inch strips wide, 
              by five inches long of colors.She could put these up 
              to Tessa,to determined,what colors,she would look
              best in to wear.For example.This tells you if you are
             autumn,winter,spring,or fall colors.It works both on
             males and females.Another factor,included with this,
             is your skin tones.So you wear the correct shade of
             colors,so you are not washed out.She showed her  
             how,to apply makeup,to the eyebrows,her eyelids,
             around her eyes.She said:"Tessa,becareful applying
             your makeup,around your eyes." "You do not want 
             to go blind." "Yes,mama." She showed her the safest 
             way.How to apply rouge to her cheeks,which colors
             are best for her lips,and also how to outline them, to
             make them stand out.Her mama taught her using,
             powder foundations,serves two purposes.Your skin
             does not add oil to poweders,and sun protection,
             called SPF factor.
                   Natalia  knew Tessa was in cold weather  for 
             eight months,so her mama taught the best colors
             to wear,to make her stand out,as pretty in the icy
             cold weather,with her porcelain skin.Natalia taught,
             Tessa to walk gracefully,and even had her put a 
             book on her head,with her head straight,and her
             shoulders to the side.Her mother did all this to
             make her,charming graceful woman.Tessa loved
             this attention,and kissed mama on the cheek. Mama,
             had taught her all the dances,that Tessa did not know.
             Tessa was taught about Odessa,Ukraine,in which this
             Odessa Beach,is in the Black Sea area.Odessa was a
             major seaport,where ships come into dock.You can 
             get salty fish,with barely using a. net.The ocean of the 
             depths of the oceans floor layer is toxic,nothing lives 
             down in those deep waters.There are dangerous fish,
             and deadly stingrays,but not near Odessa Beach.The
             name given to Odessa Beach, is called:"Pearl Of The 
             Black Sea"It is very pretty,and stunningly beautiful.
             From May to September,you will find both woman
             and teen girls haviing fun in their sexy swim suits.But
            where are the men?It a sad fact,that papa,and I must
            must teach you Tessa.From Ukrain toRussia,there are 
            many woman and teen girls starving for their own man.
            It is sad,but we,as your parents must warn you of this.
            It is for this reason,papa,and I,taught you many things to
            to be a good wife.We also needed to train you,for the 
            best traights in a man to be your husband,when you are  
            of age." "I thank you mama,for training me mama."  
            "Look for these traits:loving,kind,generous,forgiving,
            understanding,unselfish,chaste,good provider,not lazy,
            a sense of humor,willing to laugh at his own mistakes,
            stand behind his wife,and children,helpful to his wife,
            romantic,moderate in alcohol,putting his family first,
            before himself,has a courting spirit,gives you love,
            time,gets a baby sitter,so you can go to out to dine,
            and dancing.Sends you love cardsor notes.Takes 
            time to communicate with you,about your feelings
            for each other.He tells you are the prettiest girl,or
            woman,excercises with you and the children.He
            has special vacations,and recreation breaks for
            his wife and children.Holding your hand with
            affection,hugging,kissing with endearment,not
            afraid to cry infront of you,and just wanting to
            be with you,all the time.And also shows it."                
            I know this list is long,but if he is searching
            for a beautiful mate,he should show his 
            affection to you." "Wow mama," "papa
            Alexander,has been doing this to me for
            forty years." "Tessa,papa,has been so good
            to me." "Mama,that is some love story." "Tessa,
            you see,the love in my eyes,when I am around
            my beloved husband." "I sure do mama." "That
            is why I want to be like you mama." "I hope I
            can be this way to my future husband." "I know
            you will Tessa." my darling daughter." 
                   At a early age,she was taught to swim,and
            to dance,playing musical instruments to master.
            It included:the flute,violin,harmonica,piano,guitar,
            and drums.She was taught about history,cultures,
            and how to deal with upsetting situations,and the
            solutions.Her enthusiasm,and appreciation,made
            her parents very proud,she could play them.But,
            very proud in all the special instruction she had   
             recieved through. both parents,and immediately
             applied it.Both parents focused,on making sure
             their daughter,was brought up with love,and to   
             show love.
                  The parents encouraged singing in the house,
             like mama and papa did.In addition,Alexander
             her,papa showed, Tessa how to use a pocket knife,
            scale fish,kill chickens,for eating,and even whittling 
            sailing ships of beauty.
                  Tessa wanted to be a teacher,she loved to read,
            do mathematics,science,poetry,pottery,art,sketching, 
            paint landscapes,seascapes,and people,her beauty of
            ballet,swim help others,aerobics to keep fit,cars,her 
            close friends,singing,relatives,camping,fishing,picnics 
            with close friends,potluck meals,with meals,with music                                              
            and dancing,animals,history,different cultures and yes 
            my clothes too.
                 When Tessa finished high school she went to a 
            university, to study for a elementary school teacher.
            Tessa wanted to teach, the children many things,her 
            parents taught her.She wanted to stay close to her
            parents at the school.
                   In  time she did fall in love with Charles.After
            courting a year,they had got married.Tessa was 
            22 years old and graduated  from her university.
            Then they got married.Tessa's gown was white
             with small pink roses,small pink lace around 
             the gown,and a beautiful vale,and white pumps.
             Tessa thought it would last forever,but after eight
             years,his job was going sour.Tessa,even tried to 
             comfort him.She tried to listen to him,but he drank
             his troubles away with Vadkeh.She continually had
             tried to be understanding wife,and to make him so
             happy.This went on until she was 31 years,and  he 
             hit her.Tessa then called'her papa, and mama, to
             come home,saying:"Charles hit me."He was heavy 
             on Vadkeh."
                  At the bar Charles,found a younger woman in
             her twenties,and left his wife.He 
             divorced her at 31 years of age.
                  She was devestated,and her parents, helped her
             through this rough time,while she was getting ready
             to  teach,little boys and girls.
                   Tessa knew it was time to help others,while she
            was dealing with her ordeal.She had been 
            hired as elementary teacher.The school had lush green
            grass,beautiful flowers,and birds were chirping in the
            beautiful trees.She was glad,she had her parents,to help
            her through the hurt,she will have to get over,in her life.
            She pulled out her beautiful blacket mama,and she made
            of roses,orchids,butterflies, birds,and,homemade stitching.
            Then laid out on the pretty school lush lawn,and the birds,
            came closer, to her in the trees, and,started chirping their
            hearts out to her.Tessa started crying,as these beautiful
            birds were singing to her,as they were giving her relief.
                  What  Miss Tessa did not know is a orphan name
            Peter,would change her life forever,and he would do
            the same.See the part 2 of the story concluded in:
            The Orphan Boy Peter Who Meets Miss Tessa From
                   Odessa Who Helps Her Find Her Sweetheart 

          The Parental Training Miss Tessa From Odessa
                 Received And The Husband She Lost         
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