Friday, March 9, 2012

What Cause The Monkeemobile To Be Built?

The Monkees Popularity  What Cause The Monkeemobile To Be Built?helped by the very famous The Monkeemobile, designed by Dean Jeffries,while Mpc had
 wanted a car that would sell model kits.
    However,Pontiac also wanted business,by selling their 1966 GTOs.
 So Dean Jeffries took all these
 problems,while helping out Mpc,the Creators of "The Monkees TV show,
and Pontiac.
   Instead of using the designs from Pontiac,Dean Jeffries made the wildest 1966 Pontiac GTO.
    While Pontiac was mad,because,it looked nothing like their GTO,both Mpc,and,the Creators of the TV There is even a fuel cell,with custom gas cap.The wheelbase is the same as a stock 1966 Pontiac GTO .Davy even went to  series:"The Monkees"were  happy.   The cars were made from two 1966 Pontiac GTOS. The trunk was removed  to give room for the rear custom bench seat. The fenders were extender both front and rear.The custom nose has GTO grills,Fench Oval Glass Headlights,(The Monkeemobile #2 was built six months later.)
yellow blower,blacked out injector scoop,Blower cover,magaphone headers,Craigar SS Diamond Five Spoke Mags,Custom Chrome Cover than blower,top radiator custom top,sits on,along with the Red Lipstick paint,Gold Elephant Tape custom Monkee logo on the doors,and GoodYear Wide Oval Tires. This was the perfect car for "The Monkees."Davy.Micky,Peter,and Mike loved driving this car. The girls just loved this car at the car shows,with the men. It is a dream car by the famous designer Dean Jeffries.What Cause The Monkee Mobile To Be Built? Mpc to see the model kit being made.What a guy he was.Every loves Davy Jones.But why stop there Micky,Peter,and Mike are  all talented. Davy was a  jocky,actor,singer,dancer,soccer player,a father of four beautiful daughters,and beautiful wife named Jessica ,he left too soon. "He was known to his brothers"The Manchester Cowboy"who loved everone,incuding his prize horses he die with in his last hours.  Mike was responsible for MTV,Elephant parts,his latest,creation is Video Ranch,where with a 3D video card ,you can watch 3D concerts,on your PC.Micky,is a actor,movie director,lead singer,on most Monkees songs,and is also a solo artist.Peter is also a solo artist who has his own blues band,who can play almost any musical instument,he also been a math teacher.He is very smart,who solve difficult math problems.  He also went though throat cancer before the "Fourty-Fifth Anniverary of "The Monkees." What Cause The Monkee Mobile To Built?This Fourty-Fifth Anniversary Concert of "The Monkees":was the best concert ever.It even received commendation by "Rolling Stone"  What Cause The Monkee Mobile To Be Built?These four make up the group known as "The Monkees."  To me they are four brothers,who helped each other over the years.They all know each other families. And when,one member the group is hurting,it affects them all. Who knew these four would be this close.  They really deserved this car,which if made today would cost over $250,000.00 to build.What Cause The Monkee Mobile To Be Built?

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  1. The Monkee Mobile#1 Had a split windshield that was raised at the top,after being cut in half.then a chrome strip was glued in place to the two windshield halfs.Dean Jeffries was a professional.Unless you are a professional,who knows how custom cut windshields,do not try this. There was a custom hood ornament on top the chrome raditor top on the open area.