Thursday, April 4, 2013

It is Time To Stop Trashing Peter Tork Of The Monkees!

                            It Is Time To Stop Trashing Peter Tork
                                             Of The Monkees! 
                                 Some you out there,and you know who you are,
                            have been trashing Peter Tork of The Monkees.
                            Just go to the you tube area,when Peter Tork,sang
                            a song,called:"Gettin' In"from the 1987 album
                            called:"Pool It" from The Monkees,second all new
                            music album. A song called:Gettin' In",some of you
                            said of Peter Tork,that he is weird,and channeling
                            his inner Mike." How dare you,show disrespect, of
                            Peter Tork!As for Peter singing new songs,so what.
                            The group is called The Monkees! He has a right to
                            sing! Sometimes,Peter,adds a new song,to a concert,
                            just to make it lively for those in attendance.You 
                           should hear,both teen girls,and woman scream over
                           Peter Tork.Did you know Peter,learned to dance like
                           Davy Jones?It was Peter Tork,that would share,the
                           teen girl,or woman,that Davy Jones dance with on the
                           stage. If anyone see those comments go to  song 52 of
                          The Monkees  top 100 songs.On song 52"Gettin' In"on
                           you tube.How many of you can play as many musical     
                           instruments as Peter Tork?Did you know Mike Nesmith
                           actually, said that Peter Tork,was the most musically
                           talented  of the group.Mike Nesmith said, Peter should
                           have been on guitar,and that I,(Mike Nesmith) should
                           have been on bass.The others ,Davy Jones,and Micky
                           Dolenz agreed.They said that Davy should have been
                           on drums,and Micky on percussion.   
                               Did you know it was Peter,who wanted to try to reunite
                           The Monkees back in 1975?Did you know that only
                           Peter Tork,and Micky Dolenz,sang on the recording of
                           "That Was Then This Is Now?"It is true,but Davy Jones,
                           would refused,to sing to song on stage!He would go in,
                           the back,until the song was finished singing.The 1986
                           comeback song,and Peter Tork,was there,to make it hap-
                           pen.Many asked why they can not see a video of  this
                           song"That Was Then This Is Now?One honest truth,is
                           Davy Jones,refused to sing this song,because he was not
                           getting paid to sing it.He did not sing on the recordings,
                           of:"That Was Then This Is Now,"It is true fact in 1986
                           when Peter,and Micky were to sing,"That Was Then 
                           This Is Now,"that Davy,would go behind the curtain,
                           until the song was over.
                                I know what many,are thinking,Davy Jones died,how
                           could you say such things,about him.It was no disrespect,
                           but many of on you tube, wonderd why they never played 
                           the video of "That Was Then This Is Now"?Davy Jones,
                          was not on that song.It was about money,so he refused to
                          sing,"That Was Then This Is Now."
                               You can see Davy Jones,actually uttered his feelings,and 
                          it's on,you tube.I was shocked,when I heard Davy Jones,had
                          refuse their come back hit.However,Peter was there.
                               In August 2010,it was Peter Tork, joined by Micky Dolenz 
                          in Sacramento,to let people have a opportunity,to see how a
                          real music recording was made.There were many other stars 
                          that came too, that helped.A open invitation,to the public to 
                          sing with two of The Monkees, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork,
                          would use,this new opportunity,this recording for the solo
                          album a "King For A Day The Sons Of Carol King."Just like
                         the Comeback Reunion of The Monkees in 1986,Peter Tork
                         was there.So in August 2010 Peter Tork came to the rescue.It
                         was also done in Los Angeles,where people could sing and
                         play musical instruments with Micky,and Peter,as well.
                        I understand,in August 2010,Davy Jones,could not attend, for
                        other commitments,like taking care of his horses,or working
                        at close to home concerts,took his time. 
                            There is no reason, for those,who know you are, to trash
                        this loyal,gifted talented man.There some woman,that are
                        crazy about Peter Tork,and would scratch your eyeballs out
                        for saying,such comments.This Peter Tork,help give life,in
                        musical way,by playing so many instruments.It is true fact the
                        other members of the band,would tease Peter Tork,for playing
                        all the musical instruments.I wish I had all of Peter Tork's
                        gifted ability to play all those instruments.
                            Peter Tork was also a good music teacher,and was good with
                        math.How would you have liked to learn to play all the musical
                        instruments,from Peter Tork,and learn trigonometry from him  
                        as well.I would have jumped at the chance.  
                           Peter Tork also, has his own band called:"Shoe Suade Blues."
                           How would Davy Jones feel, if he were alive,you  were trashing 
                        his friend,that were close,like brothers,like Micky?Davy Jones 
                        would have been very mad at you. It is time to stop thinkimg of Peter
                        as a dork.It Is Time To Stop Trashing Peter Tork Of The Monkees! 

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