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Euphoric Over Mike Nesmith Causes The Monkees Reunion Tour Twenty-Four Days Official July 15,-August 18,2013!

                         Euphoric Over Mike Nesmith Causes
                     The Monkees Reunion Tour Twenty-Four
                       Days Official July 15-August 18,2013

Dean Jeffries Publicity Pic Retouched
Monkeemobile 1 With Monkees Retouched

                           To all fans, when you showed you really       
                      cared about Mike Nesmith, by showing the
                      interested in him singing with the group, with
                      The Evening With The Monkees. It touched
                      his heart deeply, with the big response, from
                      November 2012 through December 2012.The
                      twelve day concert, you called Nez Songs, that
                      you can still watch on you tube. Everyone was
                      thrilled with Mike Nesmith being there. Mike
                      wondered, if anyone was really going to care,
                      if he returned to the group, The Monkees. By
                      you showing your support, you made him feel
                      worthy, and needed. Remember Mike had been
                      very close to Davy Jones. He was also concern,
                      not being with the band since 1997,if you  had
                      remember him. Mike like others had health, and
                      other problems. His ex-wife died a few years ago.
                      Many remembered, Mike did not like to wear
                      his cap to cover his baldness. It made him feel
                      uncomfortable, when he lost most his hair. He
                      wore the cap to cover his baldness. Now it does
                      does not matter. He loved playing music, which        
                      caused him to picked up his guitar, and start 
                      playing again. He continue awing you with his
                      music. He thought if the audience loved to hear
                      me sing and play for them, then why not sing for
                      the group: The Monkees. Mike agreed to return
                      to The Monkees. Peter, and Micky were thrilled
                      at The Monkees Reunion Tour 2013 this summer!
                           This year The Reunion Tour is July 15,2013 
                      through August 18,2013.It is going to be in from
                      the beginning, starting in chronicle order, to their
                      later songs.The Monkees Midsummer Tour is the
                      theme. Mike Nesmith is going play rare songs not
                      heard in years! You must be there at this concert!
                      the shows are listed. Here are the concert dates:  

                     7/15 Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
                     7/16 Citi Performing Arts Center, Boston, Ma
                     7/17 Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ
                     7/19 NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury, NJ
                     7/20 Mann Music Theatre, Washington, D.C. 
                     7/21 Warner Theatre, Washington, D.C.
                     7/23 Memorial Auditorium, Raleigh, NC
                     7/24 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN
                     7/26 St. Augustine Amphitheatre, St. Augustine, FL
                     7/27 Mizner Park Amphitheatre, Boca Raton, FL
                     7/28 Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL
                     7/31 Long Center,Austin,  TX
                     8/1 Arena Theatre, Houston, TX
                     8/2 Verizon Theatre, Grand Prairie, TX
                     8/3 Brady Theatre, Tulsa, OK
                     8/5 Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO
                     8/9 Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ
                     8/10 Green Valley Event Center, Henderson, NV
                     8/11 Humphreys, San Diego, CA
                     8/12 Terrace Theatre, Long Beach, CA
                     8/14 Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA
                     8/15 Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA
                     8/17 Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA
                     8/18 Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR

                            Mike Nesmith was very close to Davy Jones.
                     It hurt him badly when he died. We already knew 
                     that both Peter, and Micky considered Davy their
                     brother. I have a feeling Mike feels the same way.
                     Please, if you attend one the shows or more, show
                     you care. The Monkees are a Real Band, they are 
                     not playing a band. They are talented musicians,
                     who love to play. Let The Monkees know you care.
                           Davy was the front runner of The Monkees,
                     but if Davy Jones was alive, he would touring with
                     Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, and Peter Tork. The
                     laughing with his fellow band mates,as you seen,
                     that Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Micky Dolenz
                     did in 2012.Yes,Dream Believer Will Be Played!                     
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                           Don't forget to laugh, remember Laugh The
                    Monkees song. Mike Nesmith on set with Davy,
                    said they would each tell a joke, and even if they
                    did not get the punch line, each other, would laugh
                    because the other was laughing. Davy Jones would
                    want you to laugh. Do it for him, and yourself, it
                    helps with stress, and helps you be healthy.
                           Remember both The Monkees Forty-Fifth
                      Anniversary 2011,and Nez Songs from 2012 were
                      reported on favorably with Rolling Stones!   
                           The Monkees Became A Real Band! It Is Time
                      The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, begin to see this
                      and induct them in the Rock And Roll Hall Of
                     1.Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Micky from 2012
                     Evening With The Monkees 2.Two pictures of
                     Davy Jones then and now.3.The Monkeemobile
                     with  The Monkees in their official cranberry eight
                     button  band uniforms, along with grey slacks, and
                     black boots.4.The Monkees from The Forty-Fifth
                     Reunion Tour in 2011. 5.Valuable Monkeemobile
                     MPC model kit produced from the second car. 
                     6.Evening With The Monkees 2012  Nez Songs.
                     Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Micky Dolenz,did
                     a great job rockin' for us.7.Fourty-Fifth Reunion
                     Anniversary of The Monkees 2011,with Davy Jones,
                     Peter Tork, And Micky Dolenz, first time called The
                     Evening With The Monkees. The feature was Head
                     Songs with many favorites. Rolling Stone gave rave
                     reviews.8.The Monkeemobile #2  Dean Jeffries
                     built this dream machine, which Davy Jones raced. 
                     Bottom 9.The Monkeemobile #2 front view.
                     10.The Monkeemobile #2 The Monkees on the door.
                     11.Davy Jones, top left corner shows his horse, along
                     with seven others of Davy Jones.12 Dean Jeffries
                     and Monkeemobile #1 design for The Monkees.
                     13.The Monkeemobile#1 publicity shot, by designer
                     Dean Jeffries pulling the red and white parachute, at
                     his Jeffries Styling Shop.14.The Monkeemobile#1 with     
                     all four Monkees posing  for a publicity photo for
                     The Monkees television show that would make them
                     world famous.15.The Monkees posing at a restaurant
                     with their car, The Monkeemobile. It was used both in
                     the series, for publicity, and for public car shows.
                           Read my latest post, and see thirty-two pictures
                     of The Monkees, and The Monkeemobiles #1 and #2. 
                     Click this link: Mike Nesmith Is Going To Play Rare Songs For The Monkees Reunion Tour 2013 !
                        Davy Jones I Want A Piece Of That
                        Is about his beginnings, who gave his name, who
                    was really, the one that help him get his big break?
                    Where was he, when he said those famous words?
                    Who did he see in person, and  utter those famous
                    words? The answers are all there. Yes, I moved the
                    same pictures, in the same order as to old site.     
                        Yes, Davy Jones I Want I Piece Of That, is
                    already been written. It is on this site.
                    read: Davy Jones I Want A Piece Of That
Euphoric Over Mike Nesmith Causes The Monkees Reunion Tour Twenty-Four Days Official July 15,-August 18,2013 !




  1. This Reunion Tour Of The Monkees Came About,
    Because, How You Made Mike Nesmith Feel Welcome!
    After last years reception,Mike,Peter,and Micky
    agreed to a Summer Reunion Tour For 2013!
    This Year,Get Blown Away,As Many Rare Songs That
    Haven't Been Sung In Years,Will Be Sung For You
    Fans!Do Not Forget Buy Your VIP Tickets
    And Walk Away With Monkees Present Deluxe Edition!

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  3. Enjoy Nez Songs From The Monkees
    2012 Concert.Also The #2 Monkee-
    mobile Under The Fourty-Fifth
    Anniversary Poster With Davy
    was added...The Monkees Plan
    Have Concerts Other Counties
    Even Eurasia They Are Consider-
    ing For Keeping The Monkees Alive...