Tuesday, April 2, 2013

News Flash! Starting In 2014 All Presciptions Will Be Electronically.No Prescription Slips

                   News Flash! Starting In 2014  All Presciptions
                  Will Be Electronically No Prescription Slips     
                          This is perfectly true.Many doctors,have started
                 electronic prescriptions,as early as 2008.So if you get
                 upset,that the doctor,did not give you prescriptions
                 slips,when you see him,for you check up,it  might be
                 a doctor,who does it electronically.Ask if you your
                 doctor,if he had started,using electronic prescriptions,
                 to you favorite pharmacy.It is possible, your doctor is
                 doing this early,with the new laws passed,in 2014.News Flash! Starting 2014 All Prescriptions Will Be Electronically No Prescription Slips

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