Monday, April 8, 2013

Secret Witness Has A Book Jessica's Treatment of Davy Jones!

    Secret Witness Has A Book,Jessica's
          Treatment Of Davy Jones!
    Yes that is right,she took a shoe and 
 cracked his ribs,and Davy would never 
touch her to defend himself.
    She was like a skunk with deadly 
rabies,and he was the cat,bitten by her
early inthe morning.The cat was dazed,
but it was that deadly rabies that did it.

Picture Jessica Pacheco
locked in a funny farm

click link,picture her 
as loony as loony-bird...
     Can you find Davy in grey
spelling at the top of the post?

Davy Jones was refused to talk to old friends.
He was told by Jessica,you're not to take care 
the money,I will.She hated Davy Jones.The
reason why she married him,is after checking to
find who this group called:The Monkees,she find
out they made a lot of money,even though they
     After The Monkees Fourty-Fifth Anniversary
Reunion Tour,now it is August 2011 ,Davy Jones 
 caught Jessica Pacheco, and her brother,stealing
 Monkee Money.  
     Davy wanted to divorce her,but she wanted to
divorce him first.Why?She was already married
 to a man in Romania.
    "Written In My Heart"was released as the 
last single of Davy Jones,about two weeks be-
fore he died.Jessica wants the royalties from this
     From this secret witness,it said, Jessica went
psycho on Davy Jones.She must known martial
arts, to hurt Davy badly!She took a guitar to his
head.He never once stood out to fight her.She
hurt him so bad she threw him out of his house.
And told him, never return.
     Everyone said he died on February 29,2012
leap year,however my personal feelings,if she 
was that brutal to him,he could had his major 
heart attack,that blew out his whole heart,on 
one day earlier.That type of heart attack would
be like if a mega ton bomb,blew up in your very
heart.It was very painful heart attack.My 
feelings,this brutal,death dealing treatment,was
a induced heart attack!
     I will not rest,until,she is Charged,with Murder!
Mike Nesmith,Peter Tork,Micky Dolenz,their
friends,and I will say brother,was in better health.
    Only,a person,brutally beating you,taking a gun,
or knife to you,fire,acid,or bombing could send you
to you grave quicker.If this was not induced heart
attack,why did attack his whole heart?Many kinds
of persons can have major heart attacks,but it only
attacks a large sections,where they put a stint,to
unclog the artery.The person might have a smaller
heart attack,and they again,put less stints in you.
However, Davy Jones,whole heart died.The pain
Davy went throught,that heart attack too great,to
bear.He must have died after it went off.                 
     "How could you do this to me?"What did Jessica
mean by this? Jessica Pacheco found  beloved
Davy Jones dead outside.
    Remember,she went psycho on the night
before,she had thrown him out side.When either
passed out,or feel asleep,he must have had this
super mega ton bomb heart attack,that killed.
However,she was not interested in him,just his
money,in the will Davy Jones,had his last will
drawn up in 2004,for his four daughters.He never
added Jessica.
    To this day,she trying to have lawyers,add her 
to his will, and get royalties, from his last song:
"Written In My Heart"The other facts,is this 
estate of Davy Jones is being kept a secret.
    If Jessica openly admits she had abused, loved
Davy Jones,then why is she not, in prison?
Remember,Davy Jones,had assault and battery,
by her,but he was also elderly.Accordingly to the
law if you hold down,shove,scratch,beat,hit,you 
are going to jail ,for elderly abuse!This Viper,did
not get any jail time,or nothing.This Viper,on
many occasions, had also, scratched Davy Jones.
    Why could he not have gone to Ukraine.Those
young woman in Odessa would have treated,our
Davy Jones as a faithful wife,and give him pretty
children,and never hurt him.
   Jessica Pacheco,should be locked up in a 
Psycho Ward,while she waits,for punishment,of
man slaughter.She is Evil!While in that Psycho 
Ward they should play real loud "They're -
Coming To Take Me Away"by Napolen XIV.Let
us all try to imagine they do,as you click on this
song,and picture Jessica Pacheco in this funny
farm,as she is psycho as loony-bird,while we
laugh at her,for killing The Founder of The- 
Monkees prematurely.
    Where arDavy Jones  ashes  Jessica had
confessed," they are scattered all over  the
Atlantic Ocean."Who knows,maybe sometime,a
ash from Davy Jones,will wash ashore.But,the 
reality,it's very unlikely.Ashes,are so light,they 
float on the water.            

           I Loved The Monkees, Davy Thomas Jones 

   Should be living.I feel for Davy's four daughters 
   I also feel for Micky Dolenz,Peter Tork and 
   Michael Nesmith.I not forgetting The Monkees
  especially Davy Jones The Founder Of The Monkees.
  I am working on a long blog about The Monkees .
  it goes into the beginning,right through,out time.
  I have blogs on each band member.   
          Davy Jones Written In My Heart,I think  was
made really for all you girls and woman who loved
Davy Jones.One lady who was 70 years old even 
though she was married to her husband, loved ,our
beloved Davy Jones.Her husband understood,as she
wept bitterly,as Davy Jones died on February 29,2011
Ladies I will not stop sharing Davy Jones with you,
and with all who really love him.

        Secret Witness Has A Book Jessica's Treatment Of Davy Jones!      


  1. Jessica Pacheco was the only
    female who hated Davy Jones
    The Monkees...Older People
    ... Davy Jones Prize Horses.
    She only loved the money he
    brought in from those music
    sales...She was already
    married to Romanian man
    before she met Davy Jones.
    She Is Evil Violent And A
    Theif...Along Her Brother
    Was Caught Red Handed By
    Davy Jones Stealing...
    Monkee Money In August 2011.

    1. This is all heresay. Did you know her personally? Did you live with them? This may have been written by a fan who fantasizes about him all the time and made this stuff up in her head. Don't believe everything you read, it just riles people up and may have no basis.

  2. Now you imagine Jessica Pacheco In A psycho ward while you listen to Napoleon XIV They're Coming To Take Me Away...

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  4. Dear,Reader's the whole post is being done in gold.It taking time,but I also,going to redo each paragraph.Sincerely Yours,Customx

  5. Just let it all go, it will not bring our beloved Davy back. Just remember, what comes around goes around! RIP my favorite monkee!

  6. I still think of you and miss you lots! I heard his young wife was only 32, and this was already her third marriage? Davy was 66 on his third marriage with her. Sounds like a gold-digger! If she really loved him, I want to know what she is doing now? Hopefully, she is unattached and caring for the horses he loved so much!