Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Warning! Equifax Could Be Ruining Your Credit!

                                     Warning! Equifax Could Be Ruining 
                                                          Your Credit!
                                         There has been times when a  father
                                   has had a loan to buy a house,when his
                                   son,was living there to help his elderly
                                   father.Equifax,has made real mistakes
                                   by adding, it to the adult son's report,
                                   who has a different Social Security
                                   Number,then his fathers.This caused
                                   the adult legal son,to have this loan in
                                   his father's name over seven years.
                                         I urge every male,and female go
                                  check their credit report,to make sure
                                  they,do not have loans,that are not 
                                  Select your own state,click the button,to
                                  go to the secure form.It will require your        
                                  name,date of birth,Social Security Number,
                                  address,city and state,and zipcode.If you
                                  have not live at your current address for two
                                  years,you will add you previous address.It
                                  have a code of letters,or numbers,or mixed,
                                  just put the random code,at the bottom left,
                                  which you manually type in for security to           
                                  show you are human.After this is done,in the
                                  middle bottom,is a bottom that says:Next.I
                                  want you to click it go the next page.On the
                                  next page at the top,ther are three buttons.
                                  Equifax,Experian,and TransUnion.Click the
                                  Equifax button.It will take you to a secure
                                  Equifax website.It will show:https: This means
                                  it is a secure website,in the address at the bar 
                                  at the top of the page.You will add your own
                                  Social Security Number.If you have a loan or
                                  mortgage,it will show it as multiple choice dots
                                  with company names.If you spot a error.Then
                                  check the fouth anwser:None of these.both in 
                                  companies,and ask how much you make.Only
                                  click None of these,if these are errors.Take
                                  note of your credit file,and reference,orauthori-
                                  zation number.Hit print,if you have a printer.I
                                  suggest,extra copies.Fax one to their company                                  
                                  address,along with your business,to explain
                                 errors in your credit file.You need to fax your                                 
                                  Social Security Number to them.You also have
                                  to fax your drivers license number to them,with.
                                  your current address.You have to explain by 
                                  writing them,as to the error,they made.If you don't
                                  have a drivers license,or state ID,or pass port,then
                                  you will have to send,a rent agreement,pay stub,
                                  or a utility statement,to the address listed on the site.
                                  Only then,will,the errors,of a loan,or mortgage,be
                                   removed from your credit report.If you write them,
                                   your business letter,must explain the error,and circle
                                   the error,in question,as visible proof.If you have no
                                   loan or mortagage or loan out,but it is a error,just
                                   explain the error in detail,and the address,where you
                                  were living,to let themm know,that it was a family 
                                  member,who had out this loan or mortgage,and Equifax 
                                  accidently put in your name,since you live there at the
                                  time.The report should say what year it was made.It
                                  your job to explain,when you lived,there,and if said
                                  property,is now rented,or sold to new owners.If you 
                                   mail this to their business,it is suggest,you pay for
                                  registered mail,so you know Equifax,recived your letter.   
                                   Warning! Equifax Could Be Ruining Your Credit!

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