Monday, May 6, 2013

The Stunt Monkeemobile #2 Gives New Publicity To The Monkees

The Stunt Monkeemobile # 2 Gives New Publicity To The Monkees    
     With the removal of Don Kirshner after he was found guilty to
making More of The Monkees Album,having backing Neal Diamond
on Little Bit Me,and using a JC Penny's ad as a album cover.When
their contract says they are to  be consented in the making of music 
 and cover of the albums. Don Kirschner went back to New  York,to 
make that album,instead of being in Los Angelos California.They 
found out about this album when they were in Michigan at a record 
store.When Michael Nesmith,heard Neal Diamond on back up vocals,
while Davy was the lead singer on a Little Bit Be Me.He so mad.In 
fact when the hearing was about this with matter,Michael Nesmith put
his fist through the wall,and said that could have been your face. With
Don Kirschner fired, The Monkees had freedom to sing and play the 
music they want.
      So The Monkees produced Headquarters all done by them.They
were happy with this victory.The Monkeemobile#2 was the stunt car.
This was used in the second season,with freedom  control to write and
 play their own music.
      It was also the car Davy Jones used to race against the evil Klutz
in his Klutzmobile,played by Carol Shelby racing his Ford Shelby Cobra 
Coupe Daytona.Watch Davy Jones drag in The Monkeemobile.
     Also the Dean Jeffries Mantaray was used,repainted pearl yellow,
and the bubble top removed and a new manifold with a Holley four barrel
and a custom scoop to match the car.It also had the English flag on it.



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